We can now use new fonts on the web - Google fonts is here!!!

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Google has released embeddable web fonts today, giving us an easy and reliable way of embedding fonts other than Arial, Verdana, Georgia, zzzzzz...


My initial impression is that this is fantastic but as with anything technical, don't use it unless you have a great reason for doing so and make sure that it degrades gracefully. For one, I saw a comment of problems with the iPhone (just glancing).

Early days, great news, have fun
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    This is VERY interesting.

    Thanks indeed for the heads up.
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      Tested, and working in most recent Mac versions of:

      This is very exciting. God I'm a geek.
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    That is amazing. Thanks for sharing it.

    I will be testing it later on today or tomorrow.

    If anyone encounters any issues with it please let us know.
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    Very nice! the Molengo looks stunning, thanks GOOGLE!
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    For a second there i thought it was fantastic news until i checked what fonts are currently supported. Not to say that's a bad thing, in fact they have chosen a good selection of fonts to be begin with.

    It's just that i was under the impression just about any font under the sun was now supported.

    Having said that, i definitely will be using these on my next project cheeeyah
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    NBrandt: Thanks for sharing these great Google fonts! I will definitely be experimenting with these too.
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    Love experimenting with anything new for website design. Thanks to betsyanne for sharing this news... and thanks to Google
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      Do you think that those fonts serve the purpose of other established fonts such as, tahoma, verdana, etc?
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