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Hello everyone

Having some major problems centering images on the "sales letter" theme for WP.

I can center texts and my autoresponder form, but the images appear centered while on edit mode, but they are not when I preview or view the page. I've tried many ways to get them centered but unsuccessful - by clicking under "edit image" and choosing center, or using the center icon on the wp kitchen.

Is there a trick to getting these images truly centered?!

Here is the site I'm trying to edit:

Secret Download Page….:

I want to center the ebook image and the text next to it (all one image)


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    This is a weakness in the editor, used in wordpress, there are alternatives, but none are easy to install, or use, so one of the best things to do is to just create a table,

    and then you can more easily control the position of the image,

    You can also create a custom template page with a table in it, but that is a little more technical, try creating a table, for your content, and a table for the image,
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    Go into your stylesheet and adjust/remove/alter the image formatting codes. Then the editor will work in your favor.

    (p.s. Your "secret download page" is no longer a secret, as a live link will have it indexed in Google)

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