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Hello Warriors,
I wanted to know how you can edit a page that can't be controlled from the wordpress dashboard (let's say for example that you want to add a text in your category page).

Is there a plugin or some way that can give me the ability to add a text/html/java code in any page that I want? I mean, why can't I customize my blog the way I want...

Thanks in advance
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    There are many different approaches that a developer can take when creating a wordpress site. Sometimes, certain elements and components cannot be edited via the WYSIWYG back-end. If that is the case, you have to edit these manually using HTML and CSS (and somtimes PHP) directly. To do so you have to get used to accessing your site using an FTP client, download the file(s) you are after, make the required changes, then upload the file(s) back to the server. This can be very tedious at times. I have not heard of a plugin that can be used to overcome this. You might want to discuss this with your developer and see if he can adjust your website in order to accommodate this issue.
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    Ah, thanks for the fast reply.
    I don't have a developer, and I do know how to use ftp and basic html and I think I could edit the page if it's in html format but I have no idea where I can find pages.

    Any idea of where I can find the correct place?

    no sig :p

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      What is the URL/Web Address that appears on your browser when you are viewing the page which you would like to edit?

      Who is hosting your website for you? Do you have cPanel access?

      If you are not too familiar with Wordpress and/or HTML I wouldn't advise you to make any changes yourself. In any case, be sure that you have a complete backup of your website.
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      Originally Posted by Rounded View Post

      [...]but I have no idea where I can find pages.
      Using the word "pages" in context with WP can be sometimes misleading - because there is an entry type in WP called "Pages" (always capital P in the docs but still confusing).

      What you want to edit is the theme's template files.
      Different views in WP will use different templates.
      E.g. a single post view is using the single.php template; Pages are using the page.php template, monthly and category archives are using the archive.php template files and so on.

      Learn more: Template Hierarchy WordPress Codex

      BTW, for category archives you can have (create) special category templates:
      Category Templates WordPress Codex

      This should be enough to get you started

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    It is always good to know your way around some basic html things in this case wordpress. I am not a designer, programmer by any means. I'm actually in the other camp - programming challenged- but with basic google queries I pretty much learned all that I needed. Remove theme links, put nofollow, delete a certain part without breaking the theme. Small things like that helped me a lot along the way. Now I do not understand exactly what you're trying to achieve to give you a clear answer but if it's simple editing stuff, quick googling is more than enough.

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