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Hi All

I have a client who wants me to build him 2 new Wordpress sites to replace
his existing HTML ones.
I've built sites before but with a new domain to work on.

If I build the sites in a subfolder on my domain with a database, membership site, store, etc..
will I be able to move it into his domain relatively easy?

Do you have a better suggestion?

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    Hi Jack

    You can build the sites locally if you wish and move them to his domain, essentially the procedure is as follows:

    1 - Build the site on your development server, get everything "fine tuned"
    2 - Copy all the files from the site
    3 - Make a MySQL database backup of the WordPress database
    4 - Install the copied files on the new domain host
    5 - Create a new MySQL database on the new host. Note its login parameters.
    6 - Edit the MySQL backup you made in step 3, replace all instances of the development server domain name with the new one. Save the file with a .sql extension.
    7 - Use PHP MyAdmin or the equivalent to import the SQL file you created in the above steps
    8 - Edit the wp_config.php file to update the database parameters, use the ones recorded in step 5

    That should do it. Note that in some cases you may want to avoid copying the .htaccess file from the development server installation. Instead use the Permalinks page on the WordPress dashboard on the new site to force a new one to be created.

    Best of luck with the sites

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    You might check out Backup Buddy at PluginBuddy | WordPress Plugins
    It is a Wordpress plugin that does backups but also is suppost to support relocating a wordpress site. I use it for backup's but haven't tried the relocate function. It is suppose to handle the URL, file path and permalink changes. You don't have to install wordpress on the site you move to as it uses the version you backed up.

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