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by Sokar
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I am new in this and i need some comments from what you guys think. I am using a simple template and it is meant to be an adsense site. My adsense account is still pending for approval.

the link for the web is [ www . coiloversuspension . net ]
Sorry about the spaces, i don't have enough posts to post links here
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      yes, it is active. but close up the spaces i made in my first post.. hope you understand what i mean
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      Originally Posted by sanggano_boy View Post

      sorry i don't see your site. Is it in-active?
      Right, it was not opening for me as well, but after about 3 tries, it did.

      I liked that your site is user friendly, but it should be decorated with some pics.
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    Hi Sokar,

    The content looks pretty solid, but do you have other choices for templates? I highly recommend you look for something more polished and professional. Simplicity is good, so long that it is visually appealing to your visitors.

    Please use header tags in your content instead of underlined text. It's better for SEO and makes the reading easier. Also, some people confuse underlined text for a hyperlink.

    Pictures can be very effective as long as they are relevant to the content. A nicely designed header would make your site more attractive too.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks technista.. Side tracking a bit.. i had been building on links for this site but i am still stuck in ranking. Is this because the spiders have yet to find my links?
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        I would try Wordpress to get a nice them. This site is just not inviting at this point.

        From a rankings standpoint, this is a highly competitive topic and will be tough going without lots of backlinks.
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        Your fellow warriors are bang on. Better template, video and shorter text, maybe more bullet points to bring your point across. Some might say that your title meta tags is too long as 63 characters or so is what is recommended as well as shortening your description.
        Getting free templates is easy but a good place is Ricky's free web templates, flash templates, web buttons and logos.

        The first one is always the hardest to get right. So chin up and get back in there.
        All the success you deserve
        "Drop useless cookie cutter marketing and learn to brand yourself online.
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  • Hi Sokar,

    Well, you've made a good start with the text/articles you've included in here but you need to realise that it's important to have some kind of imagery that will prove inviting, stimulating and interesting for your readers.

    Text alone may capture the interest of the Search Engines (eventually), but it will leave your viewers absolutely stone cold, which means that they will take a few seconds to look around before... 'click!' - they're gone.

    Add a little more visual style and interest by creating a logo, a banner header and by adding in appropriate images to each page that contains your articles.

    Also, I took a look at the back end coding for your site and saw that you've only one word as your keyword. I would strongly suggest that you take the time out to read up on the internet about the use and importance of keywords and keyword phrases. They will make all the difference between the Google and the other Search Engines ignoring you completely, and them taking notice of your website's content and deciding to add you in to their listings.

    Good luck!
    The-English-Webmistress is really Andrea, who went backpacking the world, accidentally landed in Panama, Central America, and never left. (Beaches! Mountains! Hot latin music! Piña Coladas!) She doesn't miss the London commute AT ALL...
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    very good~~~~~~~~~~
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    Yes! Guys I have leave a message on your website now!
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    1st review, please make it faster to laod, I cant wait spending 1 min on a site that still keeps loading
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    The content and the explanations look detailed....but the template, try to use a better and possibly free alternative. Just google it =)
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    Content looks really good, but it looks like you will have to change the design.
    Let me know if you are planning to outsource the re-designing works.We do web design and development here in Weaver Technologies

    Thanks & Regards,
    Reach us at
    Web Design| Logo Design | Banner Design | Web Development | Mobile Applications [iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows Phone]

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    Hi Sokar,

    Great start. If you have not done so yet, stand up, and give yourself a round of applause! Celebrate every accomplishment, no matter what the size. "You've taken your first step into a larger world" - Obi Wan Kenobi - Star Wars... : )

    Here is my offering.
    1. Move your ad for Thesis to the sidebar. For me, on Safari - it's the 4th image on the right of the coilover images.

    2. Buy Thesis yourself, and use it, or grab a Warrior who can help. It's awesome for helping you with SEO and indexing on the engines.

    3. How about an Opt-in offer at the top right of the sidebar - "above the fold" or visible without having to scroll down - with an irresistible offer of a 7 day e-course on x coiloversuspension. Where's the pain in your market? Help fix that pain.

    4. CTA ? Call to Action - what are you asking your reader to do, when, and why from you?

    5. Video - consider a video landing page - SHORT 90 seconds tops - within the first 3 seconds stating what you are about to deliver in this site, and what the value is. - then provide an opportunity to opt-in - with a bribe of FANTASTIC information - as mentioned above.

    Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.

    John : )
    Warrior Community Exclusive Producers - Copywriting; Product Creation and Launch; Social Media Assistance, Consulting, Management; Wellness Consulting. Read reviews of our work here:
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    Well , as everybody else said.

    It's a good thing you made something like this and stepped your skills up a notch!
    So good job on getting that done.

    The site itself is yet , pretty simple and could use some more images , or at least making some changes to the backgrounds of the blocks around the text
    which are plain simple blue.

    Maybe you could tweak those out a bit using some sort of a background , or a different design.
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    It's quite old fashioned, maybe some modern colours and bigger fonts would look nice :-)
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  • Yup, I would agree with everything that has been said so far. For a theme I would suggest 'mistique' or 'thesis' or 'iblogpro' depending on your application and level of programming expertise you want to employ.
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    I think your site needs to have a clear purpose clearly stated on the homepage. In other words, when I visit your website, why should I stay there? How is your site different than other ones covering the same topic?

    Make sure that you display this prominently on the home page.

    Also, I would suggest putting something in your description tag on your home page indicating what your site is about. Provide something to "motivate" your potential customers to click on your website in Google to get to you.

    Finally, I would recommend the use of more pictures in your articles -- not just the same pictures that display on every page. People are often more inclined to read articles that contain pictures to compliment the content.
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    Well it certainly won't win any design awards with this style
    If you're struggling with making look more professional you should rather use a good wordpress theme.
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