Should company logos be simple or complex?

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What you say "Should company logos be simple or complex?"
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    Simple but they can be detailed also, not complex. You can have simplicity and detail both.
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    I think it depends. Your logo should show the nature and personality of your company (aka Image) thus depending on the nature of your business, it can be simple and it can be complex too.

    But I'm definitely leaning towards the simple side
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    Memorable is better.... Liverpool FC or MacDonald's are the two extremes examples of the same desire, both work as they are memorable...
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    I agree with Drew - it's all about memorable - make your logo ICONIC

    No point in spending all that money on branding if your brand is easily forgotten.

    Complex logos are also a pain in da ass to work with.

    Iconic logos can be re-interpreted in so many ways it allows you more options when marketing.

    A dope silhouette makes dope logos - jordan, apple, mcdonalds, batman
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    It depends. The logo should be able to be reproduced in a variety of formats/sizes. With the newer technologies, that does not necessarily mean that the design itself must be simple.
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    It's a matter of having a logo that suits the brand. But, I personally would always go for simple - look at say the top 5 brands that come into your mind, I'm willing to bet most will be relatively simple graphically....
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    by definition a logo is a simple graphical representation
    colors, shadows or other stuff shouldn't be present as they should be able to be recognizable on black & white with no colors or on white on black with no other colors.
    scalling is important it shouldn't have many details because when you print it on a pen you won't see that

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    It can be simple or complex, but should reflect the company's nature and identity

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    The guy who created our logo says less is more and I agree with him.

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    Too many people think when creating a logo that they have to represent every aspect of their business in it. That's what their brochure is for. A bunch of mismatched graphics thrown together is an eyesore, not a logo.

    It should be kept simple but relevant.
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  • Think about it: How did the majority of the world's most successful companies design their logos -- simple or complex?

    Remember, never let a company's logo take precedence over or attention away from the action you want a prospect to take (whether the logo is on an office building or a business card).
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    based on ur needs, and believe me, your logo should eye catching and the source must be in a big pixel size.
    God bless us all!
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    something simple but i think geometric things are so overdone - go with something outside the square!! minimalistic design seems to be quite the rage. and something which flows, with colour variance down to a minimum as well x
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    Well, I think company logos should be very simple, So your costumers will understand and figure them easily, and in fact most of the company logos i have seen were simple.
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    Mostly people are in favor of simple logo
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    The simpler the better.

    As far as reflecting what your business is, or being relevant - I don't think that's really possible without getting more really does come down to being simple and easy to remember.
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    I agree with whats been said. Simple, but different. Memorable and meaningful with enough to catch the eye. It must also look good if you plan to put them on small business cards. If your logo looks eye catching on a business card then it will definitely look nicer enlarged.
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    Hey, definitely not complex, a logo can be simple, but moreover it should look professional. It is essential that you obtain a logo for your business which correctly portrays the essence of your business to the outside world. The ultimate goal of your logo is to portray your business in a positive, professional manner and instill in the consumer’s minds images of stability and reliability.
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    I think simple is better and your logo should really make an "impact". It should be memorable. Creativeness and originality also counts.
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    Can anyone think of big companies with complex logos? I can think of a ton simple ones (google, amazon, etc.)
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    simple with at most 3 colors....
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    A great logo is simple but also memorable if possible. The best logos also will look great in black and white, so this should help you keep your logo simple - don't try and include a million colours or try and say everything your business does.

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    ^ Agreed. Logos should always look good black and white.

    When I see company logos that are creative and makes me say "oh wow that's clever how they used that with this instead of that, blah blah blah". These are the ones who comes off as a more reputable company compared to a company logo that just took a clip art off Google Image or something and just half assed it by slapping on their business name next to it.
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    I think simple/minimalist is the best. Just look at what the big companies use. I'd bet that most of them are simple and uncluttered. Something you can recognize a mile away, even if you can't read it from a distance, you still know what company or brand it is. That's a great logo.
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    You should be able to read it clearly when sized to fit on a postage stamp.


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    A bunch of mismatched graphics thrown together is an eyesore, not a logo.
    Worth repeating.

    A logo should be able to translate to different formats, not just print or web.
    "Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something."
    ~ Plato
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    It doesnt really matter if the logos are detailed or simple as long as they have a meaning in them and are not just the starting letters of the company.
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    Logos should be simple and elegant

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    Simple and Intelligent - The two key ingredients to a great logo!
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    If you look at the top websites in the world, all of them have simple logos. The same can be said for the top performing offline companies in the world. You want something that is easy to read, easy to distinguish, and memorable, as has been mentioned above. Look at Facebook - now recognized by 500 million people worldwide, and their logo is the letter F in a blue box. It doesn't get much simpler than that.
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    I say go for simple, look at my avatar for example, its just the infinity symbol with a nice design which makes things pleasing to the eye and just plain attractive
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    Simple but not simplistic... and most importantly memorable! I guess a logo could be complex but only in some situations... sports teams maybe, etc.
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