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Hey all,

I currently have a Wordpress blog hosting on Wordpress' own servers, but have since got my own domain and hosting.

Do you think it's better to simply domain map the blog I've got, or transfer it to my own server? And, in the case of the latter, how do I transfer an entire blog from Wordpress to my own server while still preserving the content, links, etc?

Thanks in advance,

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    I would get your own server, Install the most recent version of WordPress (3.0.1)
    and then
    login to your WordPress.com account and go to your administration panel. From the menu on the left, click on TOOLS – EXPORT. At this point, you have the option to confine the export to a particular author or all authors. Using the export tool will compile your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags. This information is placed into a normal XML RSS based file with a couple of custom fields added to it which makes it specific to WordPress. Once you’re finished, click on the Download Export File button and save it to your desktop or any other directory on your computer where you can easily find it...

    Login to your new WordPress blog that you've installed on your server and go to Tools - Import, and then select WordPress as the platform. It will prompt you to install the importer. Click Install and then once it installs click the link Activate Plugin & Run Importer. You will then be prompted to browse your computer's hard drive for the file you exported previously and then just click "import"
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    Domain mapping is just a short term solution; eventually you will have to move the files. What Karen suggested will work, and you'll find the most hosting companies would be happy to do it for you if you need assistance.

    InspiroHost :: Shared Web Hosting
    ▌Servers in New York, Chicago and London.
    ▌Try our Blog Hosting, Online Portfolio and Firebird SQL services.

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    Do a 301 redirect for your old links, so Google would find the link to the new pages. Your http://www.site.wordpress.com should also be redirected now to the new domain. Then, don't forget to delete your old blog so Google won't continue indexing it to prevent duplicate content.
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    Thanks a lot for the help, everyone! Just one more question...

    When you say to do a 301 redirect on the links, do you just mean any links in the old blog? And what would I redirect them to?

    And if the URL is the "blog.wordpress.com" address, am I even able to configure that to redirect, since it's owned by WordPress?

    Thanks again, everyone! I promise this will be it for me.

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    on ur original url: blog.wordpress.com, you should install a wordpress theme telling that the site already moved to the newest URL.

    i believe you'll unable to do 301 redirect on wordpress.com since u can't upload html file into it?
    God bless us all!
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    You can do a redirect (and I believe it's a 302, not a 301), but you will have to pay the $10/year for domain mapping.

    Basically, you set up domain mapping per Wordpress.com's instructions, pointing your domain to their servers. Once the domain map is set up and working, point your domain back to your own web host. As long as you keep your domain mapping subscription active, whenever someone visits your old Wordpress.com blog, they will automatically be redirected to your self-hosted blog.
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    There is no need of export data. Just move your wordpress to new server, Change the config file and make some changes in database if it is in sub directory

    I can perform this task for you. Let me know if you need my help
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    If you want to transfer the word press then there are so many things which is really great. For these once the domain can host many of the things to own domain to host. For these some time you have to take some data which is really great. It will automatically redirected to the self-hosting the blogs.
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    You'll unable to do 301 redirect on wordpress.com so you should write that the site already moved to the newest URL.

    then Just import old db.
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    If you want to transfer the word press and so many things that is really great. For these once the domain can contain a great deal to their own domain name to host. For the few times you take some data that is really great. You will be redirected automatically to self-blogs.
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    It would be nice to do the same type of easy steps for people willing to migrate from wordpress to a self hosted wordpress domain name.
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    It will surely preserve the list of subscribers that your blog has amassed and enable people to find you with the help of old URL..
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