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Hey Guys, im new at this, and i am kinda confused and hoping somebody can help me out. I just need a bit of clarity. i have a blog site installed with wp, and it is installed to I want my first page to be a welcome page that links to the blog. For example, it needs to be the same theme and everything, but it mustn't be a blog site, it needs to be a intro to my site with a optin box and it needs to show recent posts from my blog etc.. Like a welcome page.. How do i go about doing this? Any advise would be appreciated.
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    this is very basic, if you know html and css then just copy and paste your wordpress theme's header onto a black notepad file and upload it to your web server as the index page. do the same thing with the wordpress theme's css page and link them together. delete all traces of the wordpress php coding in your new index page or you'll get error messages and it'll mess up the layout.

    this is fairly easy to do. i've done this with a few of my wordpress sites. pm if you need help.
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    Thanks Mary K, I dont have 50 posts yet so hoping you'll keep an eye on this thread... Going to give it a try now. Thanks again...
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    OK Im already confused.. I dont want to make this is mission for you to explain, but this is the first time i have worked with a website so please bare with me. Ok i have found the header,php in public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/green/header.php Moved it over and opened in word pad. Now im confused. You say use it as index. Index being the file that you see. How do i make the header.php the index file? Also there are no CSS files in the /blog directory.. hmm.. this could take a while..
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    I would recommend going back and installing Wordpress to the root directory eg Then create 2 pages - call one Home (or whatever) and the other one Blog. Then, go to Settings > Reading. Under "Front page displays" select "A static page (select below)" - set the Front page to Home, and the Posts page to Blog. This way, if you change themes, you won't have to redo your index.
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    thanks Mrmagos.. That makes sense.. essentially all i want is my main page to NOT| show latest post first.. I want a home page at the top and blog post further down or on a different page. Can i simply move the files from /blog directly into the root? or do i delete and reinstall? thanks..
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    If you're new at this and don't have any content (or at least a trivial amount), I would recommend you delete what you have and start over. If you already have a significant amount of content or don't want to deal with the hassle, I could do the move for you - see my sig for details.
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