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it is based on clickbank reviews need suggestions to me it more user friendly

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    Originally Posted by jesse3972 View Post

    it is based on clickbank reviews need suggestions to me it more user friendly

    I think the colors are very bad. The site is boring. Start there.


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    I agree with nelsoncaleb I believe the background can stay but the main content area should be a brighter color. It does not look awful the way it is but I am not a fan of dark colors
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    The background is now white and the whole website looks neat and clean. I think more visuals like adding product images or banner links would liven up the page.
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    I think you need to change the header with something related to clickbank or product..
    all is good..
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    Blue and black are dull colours. #EEEEEE , light blue with grey go very nice.
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    I would suggest adding some review stars to each of your reviews to make it look more like a product review site.
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    Nice website , quality contents .. Thanks for sharing this website !
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    The template looks so 2008. I would find a better WordPress template to start off with. It also looks really narrow which is the style of really old templates.

    After that, I would get a custom banner. You can hold a banner contest at DP F o r um, and get one for $10-$30.
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    Ahhh... I see you're familiar with George Brown. He's got a lot of good information in his product entitled "Google Sniper" - I know, I've bought it. If you've gone through his product/course then you would know that you need to cater your template to your demographic target market.

    Let's look at what google see's as your target market...

    Ok, I just got back from the Google Keyword Tool and this is how Google generalizes your site.

    affiliate marketing(63)
    affiliate program(18)
    affiliate programs(30)
    pay per click(18)
    Miscellaneous terms(36)

    It looks like your site is mainly targeted to people looking for affiliate information. This would lead me to believe your Target Demo is a little more sophisticated and web savvy. You're going to want to consider a more modern/business template for your wordpress site if you want your visitors to take you serious.

    Here's a good free one... bit.ly/8Z6dnJ

    I would also recommend moving the "privacy Policy" link to the footer.

    And it wouldn't be a bad idea to shorten your tag line in the header "This is your one stop..."


    Affiliate Links are not allowed!

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    It looks a bit outdated theme wise. You really used my whole screen on the site lol. It looks like a giant block, you do have good content though.
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    Needs to add more content and add some pictures on it so that it wouldn't look a giant block but I think you did a nice job there!
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    web interface is neat and beautiful
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    I like it.
    Like mentioned above I would move the privacy policy to footer. Google sniper has worked pretty well for me also.
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    Nice site but you can use colorful free theme to get nice look
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    Whatever color combinations you choose just make sure the content should stand apart from the background and it should be highlight and bright enough to read.
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    Put the logo(Click bank Product Reviews) into a banner. Create an attractive banner and sent it to top of the page. Center content is not align properly, give text align justify.
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    needs more good theme so that you can have the site to be more user friendly when clicking urls
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    You need a better Banner header than that. You need something that say music.
    Tips, search in google on music and studio sites like this to get some banner ideas.
    all the best
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    Such a this is good thread but any one get the more information about the low cost website design.....
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    Use not dull and lousy colors. Choose colors for your background that are nice to the eyes. why not use sky blue?
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    Hi. First impressions are that it took a while to load, and that the big block of text really needs breaking up with subheads and bolding. That big header could go, and I'm not sure about that exact shade of dark blue. The main point is, when a websurfer finds your site, what's in it for them? What's the site for? Why would they stick around? If they just have to wait to download a big bunch of annoying adverts, they won't be back. On the plus side, you're developing a nice, clean look to it.
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    Wow! You got a lot of great feedback for your website. Guess I can add my 2 cents worth!

    I personally do not like the flashing, moving things. It looks cheesy and unprofessional. Personally, when I get to websites that have it, I leave.

    I think your content needs to be formatted better. Currently you have it in one text block. That makes it hard to read. People tend to scan when reading so you need to make good use of headers, bullet points and white space.

    As others have said, the top banner should be changed. It looks too 'amateurish'.

    You may want to invest in a WP theme that is designed for product reviews.

    Overall, your concept is a proven winner. But now you need to keep your readers interest long enough to win their trust and buy from you.

    Best of luck!


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    Website design is neither great nor bad. It's in between
    Landing page design focus to improve Inquiry or Sales.
    Get Custom website design of your dreams
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    Honest Constructive Critism for the OP to Consider

    *Your Header - It looks unclean and unprofessional. You really should have a professional one made up - The *concept* of showing different ecovers in the header is a nice one, but the actual header isn't very well made at all.

    *The page Layout is cool, keep it.

    *The background Blue colour needs changing.

    @ Jesse the OP: If you would like I can create you a nice professional header graphic for your site for you. I am building a portfolio right now so I'll do you the header for free and I'll use it as an example on my website which will advertise your page.

    Let me know if your interested.


    Zer0: Creative Geniu$.
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  • I would suggest working on the header, some of those product boxes look a little too stretched, and there's a little bit of white around them. I would suggest a white header, to keep it a little more simple.
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    Hi Jesse...

    You definitely have to remove that header...header gives impression like "my first webpage", no offense...

    Make larger webpage name, and "products" should fit in more on background you choose... search for some photoshop tutorials....
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