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I am looking for a trusted theme application to build multiple blogs on WP. Has anyone here had any experience with either of these 2 premium themes and which one would be best for building search engine friendly blogs?

Are there any others worth looking into?

Thanks for your help.

As always

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    I swear by Thesis - absolutely rocks! Get the Thesis OpenHook plugin; I can make a blog look like any other site in a really short time with OpenHook and CSS.
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    What about the Frugal Theme? I heard it's very easy to customize without touching the code and it is very SEO friendly
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    I'm using the Socrates's a premium theme. I think it is cheaper than the thesis theme. It's very easy to use, even for beginners. You can set up the blog in just a few minutes....all you have to do then is add content.
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      I was using the Thesis Theme but got fed up with it because each time I want to add something, I have to dig for codes needed.

      Using the Frugal Theme now, and I can create a very unique looking Theme without even writing a single line of codes.
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        I have been using thesis for about a year now....there is a learning curve and I really got pissed off for the first few months because of the curve but they have a exceptional support forum and now that I got the hang of it thats all I use. Extremely seo friendly and easy to configure and with each new update they are making easier for the newbie..

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          I was just about to make this thread myself. A friend of mine is using Thesis and suggests it as well for its customization options.

          Any other suggestions, or is Thesis really the way to go if I'm in this for the long haul and focused on numerous sites with SEO being my prime focus.

          Also do you guys use the WPMU for managing multiple sites or are there plugins/other methods for easily managing and most importantly quickly and easily putting up new WP blog sites.

          Many thanks in advance!
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            I was one of those who had HIGH hopes with Thesis and was so frustrated I asked for a refund, which I received. I immediately purchased FlexSqueeze and have used it on EVERY site I've built since!!! That's been over 9 months now. Ryan, developer of FlexSqueeze, has really outdone himself and has even added a $47? Membership (good for 3 months) where all you do is add the code he gives you and instantly have squeeze pages, opt-in forms etc etc etc. It's made my life building websites a breeze!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! At this point I don't know if I'll ever use anything other than FlexSqueeze...
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    Thesis rocks for SEO purpose, flexsqueeze is mostly use for product or review websites.
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      I've been making a living quietly for 4 years as a WordPress consultant and I would never recommend Thesis theme to a WordPress novice. Honestly, even someone experienced can get frustrated with Thesis even though it is a great theme, in theory.

      There are so many great free themes and even the new default WP theme can look quite stunning with some minor customization.

      For premium themes I like Woo themes and Studiopress. But a great free "premium-looking" theme I often use is
      Mimbo and I also recommend this: WordPress › Atahualpa Free WordPress Themes

      ps: out of your 2 choices I would go with FlexSqueeze
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    I use Thesis Theme quite a lot as well. It's really good, and very SE-friendly! I have awesome rankings with this theme.
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