CSS, or HTML, scrolling issue I want help with, for PAY!

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Here's a video, detailing what help I am in need of...

Thanks for watching!

Be Well!
ECS Dave
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    I have sent you a PM
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      Originally Posted by davidsbain View Post

      I have sent you a PM
      Originally Posted by davidsbain

      Please can you clarify the following

      Do you want the user to be able to scroll down and read the text or do you want the text to start scrolling automatically ?
      I can definately create scroll bars so the user can scroll down. Not sure if you can scroll automatically. I would take me a lot more time work out how to do that.

      What are you looking to pay for this to be done ?


      Basically, as was seen with the IE example in the video, I want the box with the text in it to scroll WITH the background image, and when the background image's scroll length is reached, have the box with the text in it to be able to continue to be scrolled. All of this using just the browser's scroll bar, not something in the page, and with the bottom of the box not obscuring the bottom of the background image. All of this must be cross-browser compatible from at least IE6, FF2 - as in somewhat older browsers, but not ancient ones...

      If this isn't something that is possible, "oh well"...

      As for payment amount - you tell me what your price is, and I'll tell you mine...

      Thanks for the reply, and...

      Be Well!
      ECS Dave
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    Making the background for scroll with the browser is not really the optimal option.

    You should consider slicing the background so that the center repeats.
    Like the scroll is being scolled out so to say.
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    I can make the following happen -
    If the text is shorter than the length of the Scroll Image then the page will appear as normal.
    If the text length is longer than the Scroll Image then a scroll bar will appear at the right side of the text inside the page.
    This visually tells the user that there is more content on the page and they need to scroll down.

    For the issues on the different browsers this will take most of the time to fix.

    I am estimating 50 dollars for my time to do this.

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    I can do this and make it work in all of the popular browsers (not IE6, it IS ancient) for $30, it's a quick job and you can guarantee quality work from me.

    Email me: ryrobbo@gmail.com

    Send me a PM regarding any web design/development work.

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    It seems my imagination is bigger than...

    I'll be slicing (and dicing) for a barely acceptable result...

    Be Well!
    ECS Dave
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    For those who may (or not) be interested, this is what I ended up with:

    Trusted Sales Store Catalog While not quite my goal, I suppose it will do...


    Be Well!
    ECS Dave
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