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Hi All,

I am looking for a good alternative to PayPal.

I am setting up a new site (in ASP.NET) where users are to fill in a registration form and make a payment, either immediately or later on. If they were to pay later on they would use a username and password, which would be sent to their email once they have registered.

The ideal 'PayPal Alternative' would allow me to flag the person as 'paid' on the DB registration table. I would therefore need to pass it an ID number and have it send that same ID number to a 'Payment Completed' page once the payment has been made, which would then flag the person as 'paid'.

As well, the ideal alternative would have a fairly low commission rate per transaction.

Looking forward to getting some suggestions. As well, if you think that there is a simpler way to achieve this (e.g. existing solution that does all of the above including the registration part) and save me coding time I would love to hear it.

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    I know you'll hate to hear it, but I think Paypal is the be all and end all. Amazon/Google checkouts I would trust, also.
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    Would one of the Merchant account services not offer what you are looking for? I use my own merchant account with Authorize.net, and that works for most of what I do. Just not sure it would work in your particular case.

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    PayPal is a bit of a pain but I'm afraid I might have to settle for it.

    Anyone have any thoughts about Google or Amazon checkout?
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    Neteller, moneybookers, alertpay...
    Those are the other 3 I have accounts with.
    There are a few more decent choices out there.
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    We've been using RomanCart for quite some time now, seems to work really well.
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    Really liking that RomatCart site. Going to give it a shot. Thanks a lot!
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      Originally Posted by osegoly View Post

      Really liking that RomatCart site. Going to give it a shot. Thanks a lot!
      You may want to check out Foxycart too, very easy to implement.
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    money bookers, pro pay, google checkout, neteller, paypay, alertpay, anypay, just a few, but you can find more at google.
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    You would be hard pushed to find a better solution than PayPal.

    RomanCart is free unless you want to use card processing.

    With RomanCart you still have to choose the payment processor that you are going to be using. So you will be presented with a list that includes PayPal!

    When choosing a card processor, take their upfront costs into account - you will be unlikely to ever recoup those - also, some have a cancellation fee that is much higher than their sign up fee.

    PayPal wins on both upfront and cancellation costs. There are none.
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      Thank you very much, that helps a lot. Going to give PayPal another chance.
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