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I want to put a squeeze page on my site but not sure what is the best way to do it.

I'm starting out with some MRR/PLR products that provide HTML squeeze pages, sales letters, etc. I see that the standard setup is to put the stuff into a folder, and send the person to, where folder/index.html is the squeeze page, then the user gets routed to folder/thankyou.html (where there might be a confirmation link or download link for the product), and so on.

However, I am interested in leveraging WordPress. As for my wordPress skills, I would say I'm fine with doing anything accessible through the admin panel configurations, but editing php or CSS is something that I want to avoid doing for fear of messing something up.

There are two scenarios I imagine. One is where the user lands on what is essentially the home page of a blog, that maybe has some review posts, and there are links to other pages that are squeeze/sales pages for specific products.

The other scenario is a minisite where the user lands directly on what is a squeeze/sales page. For these minisites, the reason I would like to use wordpress is that I am dreaming up a number of mini-sites based on these MRR products, but am worried that a small and static site would disappear into the internet, thus by using wordpress I get some SEO benefits (like the fact that occasional posts will keep the content fresh, etc).

However, do I need to use a different structure (than one folder with the different HTML files being experienced in sequence?) when trying the same on Wordpress?

I know I could make a WP page the squeeze page, but then are the thank you and other pages set up as WP pages at the top level as well? Do I use parent and child pages? Do I somehow use folders? Do I maybe not set them up as squeeze pages, but leave them as plain HTML, but link to them from the page menu as if they were WP pages?

Anyway, I'm sure I am making this more complicated than it needs to be. Would appreciate the skinny from those in the know.
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    Make your the place where your index.html file lives this will be your squeeze page created by the tool of your choice, dream weaver, xsitepro, kompozer, or bought to order template. Install your blog on or whatever you want to call it.

    Otherwise wordpress has squeeze page themes.
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    This is what I have done to get the result your looking for. Got taught this by my WP zen master.

    When installing WP install it in your root file so it would be and then go to the Reading Setting inside WP you will see the Front Page Displays here you can set any page as a static page.

    Simply create the page you want in the Page section area, once you've done that set that page as your static page like I mentioned above. This will be the page that will always display as the home page of your WP blog. In your case your squeeze page.
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    I wrote a post about wordpress landing pages you might find useful

    Making a Landing page for Wordpress | Original Adventures in Internet Marketing
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    Thanks all for your suggestions.

    So, in one recommendation, put my squeeze page in normal HTML in the root domain and the blog core in a subfolder. Now, what if I want to host squeeze pages for several products on the same domain?

    In another recommendation, make my squeeze page a static page and set it as my home page. Where do I put my thank you and download pages? Would I also set them up as static pages at the top level?

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      Putting your thank you and download pages at the top level of root folder will make it easy for some people to browse directly to it, skipping your squezze page and actually without being a member of your list. Worse, you will be trying to sell a product which can be accessed directly with a few advanced Google search.

      Let me explain with an exmaple. A marketer is selling a product through "squeeze_page_com". On that page, he both gets your e-mail address to his list with an opt-in form and sells the product. After the customer buys the product, he gets an e-mail to the download page which is just a plain site like "squezze_page_com/download_html". Well, I promise I will get to your download page directly without purchasing by playing with Google a bit and listing your one-level deep subfolder (because you put it to the root folder, remember?). Now I'm at your backstage without paying you a cent and will get everything you offer to your members. I think you got the point. You cannot prevent this without making a membership site with a password login.

      But there are some simple steps to at least reduce this risk; first, put your "private" pages deep in your folder structure. Use something like this with random names:


      Do not ever forget to use meta tags like "nofollow" to avoid your download pages appear in Google searches.

      These are a few recommendations. Believe me it hurts to see your direct download address in a free forum site, especially if it's a product of your own.

      To your success
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    There's also a very cool theme that exists, and works VERY well, that will help you do manage several squeeze pages with wordpress it is called flexsqueeze easy to find through google.

    And as a matter of fact, talking about minisites I've just posted a new offer in the Warriors for Hire forum in which I offer Free Wordpress Installation with an option where you can get a complete Minisite Management system with Wordpress

    Just check my sig below.

    Best regards,

    Andre Foisy
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      I would do as already suggested, if you want to use wordpress use it in a sub-folder or domain:

      Using wordpress for a landing page in my opinion is pointless, why load that whole system for a simple landing page?

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