Need Advice... Can't Figure This Out.

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Hey everyone,

I recently finished a website for a small business and I'm having problem with images on one of the pages.

There are five different thumbnail images and when the user clicks a thumbnail it shows in the main image slot. There are four different pages of this and only on one of them the images aren't showing up.

That may not have been very clear, but you can take a look at it here.

I can't figure out why the thumbnail images won't show up.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    seems to be working ok... unless I don't understand what you mean...
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    For me only the third thumbnail down is showing plus its related pop-up. The rest are showing the dreaded red cross.

    Have you tried all the obvious stuff like...
    • Checking that all image edits have been done within program so that the file locations aren't messed up
    • Checking that your images are in the folders you have uploaded
    • Checking that once the folder has uploaded, it has actually uploaded with all the image contents
    • Checking that the file types haven't changed to caps - I have had problems with jpg changing to JPG?!
    • Re-adding your images, deleting whats uploaded and then uploading again afresh
    It'll be something obvious like the image file not being where it should be or titled how it should be.
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      It's working fine for me.


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    Browser related problem...

    Firefox - ok
    Google Chrome - ok
    IE ver 8 - NOT OK!

    There is something going on with the javascript (onMouseOver function) and IE doesn't like it...

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    Yes it is a browser issue but you need to check your code or apply a hack.

    I just found the problem in IE7

    IE8 = ok
    Opera= ok
    Chrome = ok
    Firefox = ok
    Safari = ok

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