Help pls! Why is this text on top of this other text?

by ak2000
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Why is the "Click Here To Download Your Copy Now!" text on top of the red text towards the last third of the page??

Just search for this text "Click Here To Download Your Copy Now!" and you will find it towards the bottom of the page

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I've tried adding a few <p> breaks and in the HTML editor (Expression Web..I know, I know.. ) it's finely below the red text but then when I preview it in the browser it sits in the middle...

Many thanks to all those who are willing to help this newbie HTML designer...
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    Well the code has quite a few mistakes in it.

    It could be any number of items. There are 245 validation errors, granted a lot are from a trickle down affect. [Invalid] Markup Validation of - W3C Markup Validator

    There are outdated tags used also eg, font.
    p tags that are empty I assume are be using as a line break, which should be line breaks. <br />
    And numerous other items that should be addressed and fixed.

    You have an open <h3> that is not closed and background-color: FFFFCC; is not correct and not style is not closed. The font tag is not a valid tag and the color line is not closed.

    <div style="width: 450px; border: 3px dashed Black; padding: 30px; background-color: FFFFCC;>
    <h3> <font color="
    <h3 class="noindent">
    <input type="checkbox" name="check" value="ON" class="style26"><span class="style25">Yes! Please Reserve
    My Copy!</span></h3>

    Which is most likely breaking the one that the link is under.

    You also have some color codes that are missing the # and some duplicate ID references. ID's are to only be used once.

    I would start by fixing some of those items, many of them could be the issue or cause other issues.
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    The <h3> you've got just before that link has a defined height. Which is okay, but you've got empty <p> tags there to force the link down the page. The tags are like this:

    <p style="text-align: center">


    Those empty tags will frequently get ignored by the browser. Try putting a non-breaking space -&nbsp;- in each and see if that forces the link down the page.

    They should look like this:
    <p style="text-align: center">&nbsp;


    Adding that space forces the browsers to treat the <p> tag as a paragraph.

    FYI: Truly piss poor way to code, but it should work nonetheless.

    Take Care,
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    That just fixed it...and saved me a big headache!
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