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by newbim
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Helo warriors,

I've just about finished a layout for my new site ( but can't decide whether I like it a lot or it's just awful, haha.

Please pay no attention to the text, I know the lorum ipsum text isn't right etc. but it's just for colours and layout etc.

All feedback is welcome, please make it constructive though, .

Thanks in advance,

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    it should be more clear that is the site about!
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    There should be less text in header and should have some graphics there
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    Pretty simple looking, which is ok if that is what you were going for...... can't say I'm a fan of the big pink client login box either.
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    With the pink box gone, I for one see a truly nice design! Will have to drop back by to see what you do with it.

    Have A Nice Day and a Prosperous New Year!!!

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    looks really professional, try a more elegant font though, use typeface.js or webfont to use more kinds of fonts
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    make the logo more readable ... use different colors in it to differentiate the i-m-m.
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    It will look nice if you remove that pink color box, its not matching with the current color scheme . Also try making the header more attractive , currently menus are not much highlighted, looks like content of the site, also organize like, minimum text on to and rest on the middle/body part. Hope this helps

    Thanks & Regards,
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    It was talk lot time to open my browser, But colour combination is very good
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