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I just designed a new logo and I want to ask some people if you like it and what do you think I sould've done different!
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    All those black dots take away from the logo... other than it looks fine.
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    I agree with Diane. The word publishing is kinda messy and should be re worked. The book icon is pretty sweet though. A little work and this could be a great logo. Good work!
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    I agree with the other two members, the logo is spot on apart from publishing, it looks more like a security code.

    You do have the skills to imrpove it, best of luck.
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    Nope. It is way too pixelated. Take away the wierd pixel thing and you are all good.
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      Besides the obvious - the pixelation looks a bit weird, might I also suggest that the "JL Marriot" might also stand out a bit more (and perhaps "stick" in someone's memory) if it were a bit brighter. The red book is actually the brightest thing on the logo, and I am not sure that is a good thing. I would look to make the JL Marriot stand out a bit more.... just my two cents.
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    Its very simple. I don't like those dots either.
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    Nice logo, the black dots are very prominent compared to other elements. It will be good, if you try to make it light..
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    Increase the size of the JL Marriot and make it the same width as publishing. Line it up with publishing. Remove the pixel dots. It'll look great.
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    the dots are annoying indeed, the vignette below might be a good addition if edited properly
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    i must say u have done a wonderful job and deserves an appreciation. and talking about the dots, don't change them if you don't feel like rather i would suggest that you can change the whole expression by merely changing the color of dots! what do u think????
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    Plz remove those dots, it is not looking nice , May be you could increse the size of 'JL Marriott' and make it more catching

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    the dots look bad
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    Nice try ... just a few suggestions:

    a) Increase the font for your company name and better color

    b) You must have used the dots to relate 'ink' ... if i'm right. I would suggest use some ink splash in multi-color

    c) would love to see a better icon for the books. its too common on web and looks like a downloaded clippart

    Would like to see the next version you come up with ... all the best!


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    I like the pixalation and think that it shows great detail.
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    Logo is fine, But “publishing” is not read able, may you have to try better font
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    Errrr. the colour is nice. But the dots are not.
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    without dots maybe look better, post another pic without dots, so we can compare what is best.
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