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Hey Team

Sorry to have to ask BUT ive never produced a website ive always paid someone for doing it AND i am a new aged dinosaur.

Anyway apparently knocking up a decent site is quite easy using something like wordpress etc or so ive been told.

So my question is what is a widget and what is pluggin and how many of either do i need and which ones

Many Thanks

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    In terms of WordPress: A widget is something that you enable from within WordPress if it is part of your template. Not all templates have the same amount or scope of possible widgets to enable.

    So for example one WP site I run has a twitter feed widget which I enabled via the WP admin and so Tweets automatically appear on the homepage. However, another WP site I run does not have this function available on its template.

    Therefore, if I wanted that site to have that particular function I would either install a plugin to make it available or use Twitters own widget generator to make a widget that I would then add somewhere on the site.

    Put simply, without widgets a site will be very basic indeed. Widgets and plugins add functionality and make a site more interesting for the visitor.
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    Actually, why don't you open a free WordPress site and just mess about with it to see how what you do in the admin area effects the appearance of the site?

    You'll learn pretty fast that way.
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