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I have a 16 minute video that I edited with Adobe Premiere.
Now I want to export it so that I can use it on my website.
I intend to upload it to YouTube, but I don't know what kind of export I have to do...

I tried several export formats such as AVI (with different parameters), Mov, flv, mp4 for you tube, etc.

I always have the same problem : either the video has a godd quality, but it's too big; or the video has a correct size but a poor quality.

Could you tell me what kind of export I should do ?

What's in your opinionthe correct size for a good quality 16 minutes video ?

Could you please help me ?
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    Im no expert in this, but I've exported as avi, and then converted into flv with free avi to flv software. Quality doesnt have to be bad, program has solid options, so maybe you could try that. Or just google for the best solutions.
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