Are flash and javascript no longer undesired?

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I remember in the not-too-distant past when everyone who had a website was told "do not use flash". I can't remember the reason, but it seems that today a whole lot of websites and blogs are using it. Is it no longer dis-couraged when building a site?

Also, I have read several times that search engines do not read javascript, but they may have been old articles that I was reading. I have many links, etc. on my site that are javascript, and I hope the SEs are picking that stuff up for content. I do try to use HTML when I can.
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    Search engines, read code (DOM objects). Anything that is in the code they can find and read. Flash on the other hand is an enclosed object that can not be read, which is why the say stay away from flash.

    A search engine or bot will get nothing from a flash object other than that it is a flash object.

    Using JavaScript to enhance a site is fine, but you really shouldn't use it to control elements or objects in the site that you believe are important for bots and/or people to see.
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