Amazon ads won't validate, what do you do?

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There are quite a few sites with affiliate ads like Amazon's that wont validate. They don't ever seem to affect the display so I've just ignored them for years. Mostly the errors are small stuff like unencoded ampersands.

I use xhtml transitional. I just tried out a html loose doc type declaration, and it did hardly any better.

Any comments at all? Do you just ignore this stuff too? I prefer to keep the code as clean as possible. Checking my pages without the affiliate ads usually just brings up a perfectly valid page.

Whadda you do?
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    Just ignore it. Valid HTML isn't Amazon's first priority. Or second, or third

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    It's a nice to have but don't sweat it if it fails on a few minor points. I even have half finished sites making Amazon sales, I couldn't care less if the W3C don't like them as long as Amazon keeps paying me.

    Although I do take an entirely different approach with client websites as you're expected to deliver to certain standards.
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    Thanks for the communication. It did mostly seem like minor thing to me, but I was wondering if there was a way of handling it without the invalid stuff.

    I did post a page url in another forum and got a comment like "Hey Buchinski, better check your page in a validator etc." Html Nazi! I did reply 'but did you notice the errors were all from the Amazon ads?'

    A lot of the big name pages like Google come up with piles of errors. It is starting to seem that the validators are way behind the players out in the field. Don't know if they'll even catch up.

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