Hostgator add-on domain not working.

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Okay guys I need some help from all you web designers that know their way around a server.

I purchased a website from GoDaddy and I am hosting it on HostGator. No issues here as the site has been up and running for a few weeks. I pointed the nameserver over to HostGator from GoDaddy.

My issues is that I now have purchased a second website from GoDaddy and I am creating an add-on website.

I also purchased this one from GoDaddy as well. I pointed the nameserver for that Website to the same nameserver given to me from the Hostgator email.

Now my site is listed like


I create a quick index.html and just said "this site is under contruction" and saved it but whenever I check my site it gives me a page with a crap load of ads on it from a site called


What do I need to do to get this working?

I currently have the baby croc plan with HostGator.

Thanks for any help.
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    Welcome to the world of Hostgator !

    Here's my best go at explaining this

    Every web host requires you to have a main domain.
    Any add-on domains will be listed as

    so if you are in the cpanel and you go to
    Add-on Domain
    you then enter the details and
    then you go to the file manager
    then you should see a folder called public_html
    click on the public html folder and this will open up to show you all the additional
    websites you have

    Now you click on the folder of the domain name and add the your index file here.

    If you have done this all correctly then it can be that hostgator still has to do something on their side. I believe they quote up to 48 hours before a domain will go live. If you have done everything correctly and it is still not live within a day or two then check you hosting package baby croc allows additional domains

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