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by calleo
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Ok! I've just surfaced from being underground - about 3 weeks - studying all I can about internet marketing, traffic, lead generation, list building, marketing, squeeze pages, etc. Yes I am new at this.

Now I want to put all that knowledge to work, and need your help. Don't hold back any punches. I need some real honest feedback on the website structure, design, content, squeeze pages, & especially if it will (should) accomplish my objectives.

The major objectives of the website is a) build a list b) send traffic over to an affiliate link.

Campaigns will generally drop the viewer at this Registration Page . I will be split testing initially with Variation 1, Variation 2.

Otherwise traffic will hopefully arrive through other feeder sites like youtube, ezine, squidoo, hubpages, etc. & the viewer will land right onto the Front Page.

Again, please don't hold back any punches. I need your brutal honesty.

Many thanks.
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    Hi Gary.

    I would only show the book once. Two identical pictures cheapens the image.

    You should also add more information, even if it's just a few bullet points.

    "What's in it for me?" What will I get out of this free book? Who's it written for?

    What social proof can you share? Has this worked for anyone before? What research is it based on?

    And can you flesh it out to make it more credible? For example, tell me how many pages there are, how long it will take me to read it, even a bit about how it's written, how accessible it is. Make it feel more real, and you'll get more credibility.
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    Try making it look more official by branding the pages with your logo. This will make them look (a little) less like templates.
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    Coming from a designers perspective, not content
    bonus 3 page
    1) resize the book image using a graphic program, not resize html, you can get a properly resized image here: http: www d27clients . com / book1.jpg
    this place won't let me post proper links for some reason
    2) remove one of the books from the page
    3) try to use at least a simple border around all your content, right now it looks a bit blah, I can do one in a few minutes, just email me.
    4) Consider keeping a color theme throughout the pages you use, the main page looks clean and professional for the most part, the others look cheap

    there we go, brutal, honest!

    Quote graphic packs for business, inspiration, health related social sharing sets of 50 for 37.00! Use coupon code NovemberWarrior (one word) for 10.00 off your total purchase

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    These are all good suggestions so far. Keep them coming on.
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  • Profile picture of the author Peter Chang
    Regarding the Front Page:
    * It's not very easy to reach the bonus page, is that by design?
    * The frontpage looks quite different from the bonus page that you want to lead traffic to. you might want to make the designs a bit more consistent. Granted, the bonus page is used for a completely different purpose, but it's very hard to tie together the two as one entity right now.

    Regarding the bonus pages:
    * I noticed people said remove one of the book pictures, you could potentially put the back of the book with some other information in there.
    * This might be a good place to put in some of the testimonials, like what you have on the front page, particularly for this book
    * Might need a small header on the top
    * design-wise, more scribbles and doodles have helped with these kind of pages.
    * You put "Sign-up" as the button. It makes people feel they are going to get a lot of emails from you, instead of only really getting that eBook. Maybe put some wordings that emphasize on the book, like "Download eBook Now" or "Get Your Bonus Now" type wordings, or maybe even simply "Access Now!"
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    • Profile picture of the author MadMaxMx
      You are on the right track. You need a bulleted list of benefits like someone above mentioned. Allaying the fear of entering your email address is pretty good as well. Try putting that right next to the email field. You can also add a lock graphic to promot security.

      My company Mountain Media provides ecommerce solutions. We put together a "7day mini course for successful ecommerce". We want people to sign up for this course have a similar form to what you have but it is a bit more refined. Click the link off the hope page and take a look. I really think you will find it adheres to the advise above.

      Good luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author iAmNameLess
    Okay, first off, I don't think I would even put my email into a page like that even if I liked what I saw on another site or someone linking me in. I personally don't think any of these one pagers to collect emails look very good at all. I think it throws confidence out of the window.

    Main page and the majority of the site, its dull. I don't like it. Most wordpress sites look the same, this is the case here too. Need to do something different, need to have a clean look without the generic, 20 minutes invested into the site type look that all the others have.
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    The main website needs the following changes:
    1) Change the color of the tabs. It is too difficult to read gray on a dark background.
    2) Too much information on the front page. Make these posts as teasers with a link that shows them the full article.
    3) Increase size of font for article title - it doesn't stand out
    4) Front page looks boring. It needs pizazz. It should be a gateway to articles, not the entire page for the articles. Front pages serve as an index into the site. Use more pictures. There is too much text.

    When people visit a site, they spend seconds to determine if they should continue. When I look at this site, there is nothing here that grabs my attention. People don't like to read bogs of information. Their eye tracks quickly for things that interest them. In your case, they see CHarles Linden Anxiety OCD Treatment and then skip to the red title of the article. They then see a ton of text and have to reach for the mouse to scroll down a ton to get to the next article.
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  • Profile picture of the author alan9187
    I agree with Benscratch and most of the other comments. Your registration page to be frank ( as you asked don't hold back ) is boring, Not enough info on the product or what the buyer will achive fom buying the product, Again only one book graphic would do, I would recommend if you already haven't that you research how other products simalar to yours are being put forward to gain an email address to build your list, If you carn't do it yourself get some one to disign a graphical squeeze page for your product, the better your product looks and the more info you put on it will get you more sign ups, Remeber this saying " looks good taste good", the same applies to selling products or giving away freeley. Your aim is to get as many sign ups as possible, In some cases people will sign up just because the product looks wonerfull visualy, they would still have be intrested in the subjet of course but you will get more sign ups with good graphics than the poor page that is there at this time. hope this helps.

    Give everyone a chance

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    • Profile picture of the author calleo
      Thanks everyone for your brutality Rethought, redesign & redo in progress. I will post the revised copy & hope for the same honesty. All of you have saved me a huge amount of time - thanks. If there are others who of helpful comments, suggestions, etc. please keep them coming.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ken Durham
    I would put the "Free Offer!" right on the home page so it cannot be missed. Perhaps on the right hand side above the RSS feed. People like free stuff, no matter what the niche.

    yes, I am....

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  • Profile picture of the author donnan
    I would definately only show 1 book. Also the $97 value, I think makes any free offer look fake.

    People are getting programmed to cheap tricks in advertising.

    The best tip is be honest. It wins everytime.
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  • Profile picture of the author mwoolerymedia
    I like it. Its a lot better than I can do. Im new and am wonderiing even how to do this. but it looks great!!
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