Best PSD to WP Theme developer you've used?

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In a few days I will be in need of a 'psd to Wordpress theme' developer. I can find several through search engines, but wanted to hear from you.

Any recommendations? I would love to know your opinion of the one/s you've used.

Also, what is the average price range? Some of the ones I've found through Google don't list prices.

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    I have always charged 600-700 for that, depending on certain features.
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    600-700 seems awfully steep.

    I'm putting up a site for someone else. He knows precisely what he wants it to look like. So I am doing it up in Photoshop and need it sliced into a theme. I'm not looking for a developer to do any design.

    I need a blog page, a full width page (no sidebars) and a gallery page. Drop down menus and a feature slider. I need to be able to adjust the width of columns. That's it. Content columns, boxes and bullet shortcodes included would be especially nice too. And I have it my mind this would fall somewhere in the $200 to $300 range.

    Does this sound reasonable?
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    Yea, I am sure somebody will do it for that price. People seem to think that if they have it mocked up it is going to be easier and cheaper. I have noticed those clients are a pain to deal with so I make sure I get compensated! You might even find someone to do this for $50. I just don't really market to people that are very savvy, and don't do a lot of subcontracting work so I usually get the price I want!
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      I am my best source for converting a PSD file to a WordPress theme. Normally I like to see what needs to be converted first and offer up a quote.

      If you have a site you are developing and need a quality reliable service and coder, check out my site and fill out the Request A Quote form.
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  • DJ Hughes,

    I wouldn't mind giving you a quick hand. Message me directly.
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    I am with IAmNameless on this one. I would charge the same price $600-$700 Just because its mocked up doesn't negate the time involved in making a wordpress theme out of a PSD. You still end up coding it in HTML/CSS first and then taking that to Worpdress. If I was doing design and code I would charge $1000 - $1200

    But to your point, there are many PSD to HTML/CSS services out there, but it depends on the uniqueness/difficulty of how you design the site and how many unique page designs need to be coded. Is it jsu the home page and an inner page or will you have blog posts, does that have a unique design from the rest of the pages?

    You are looking at a minimum of $100 from most of the PSD to HTML/CSS services out there, then you still need to get it turned into a Wordpress site which is going to be another $200 - $300

    Another thing to consider is that most coders don't like to code things they haven't designed or has not been designed by a designer they have previously worked with. I know lots of graphic designers who are amazing designers, but when it comes to designing websites, well they suck at it. Not because they are not talented, but they tend to more often than not design as if they were designing for print...or they do whacky things that cannot easily be replicated in HTML/CSS.

    Just my six cents on it. Pick any service and they will do you just fine...pick a freelancer and you will most likely be guaranteed to have a better experience.
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    I think I can do that for $300 depending upon complexity of design. Is it possible you can email me design so I can review it and get back to you within 24 hours.

    Email me directly here: geetpurwar[at]
    Skype: geet.purwar

    you can check my work on elance with my username as geetpurwar

    Let me know if you have questions.
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