How do I edit the HTML source code for my website?

by anifunk 12 replies
Can anyone tell me how to edit the HTML source code for my website? I've done it before but it's been a while and I can't remember how I did it.
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    There are dozens of answers to that question.

    I think the easiest if to use NPP(notepad ++) which is a free text editor. It has a built in FTP component that will pull the code don into the text editor and when you save it automatically upload the changes.
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    Use Norton Comander as FTP.
    Just select file with right click and press the EDIT buton
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    You may use Microsoft Expression Microsoft frontpage: File: open website, and give it your ftp user-name and password.
    Don't forget to take a backup from your HTML file you want to change, in case of something wrong happened.
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    In a word, don't. If you have to ask, there's a very good chance you might foul it up.

    I recommend you ask your local geek or the folks who created your site.

    If it's a minor change, like a word or a phone number, you're probably OK. But, depending on what program was used to create it, there could be all kinds of incomprehensible junk in the file, that you could screw up.

    That's why, after 15+ years, I still write my simple HTML in a text editor.

    I'm new on this board and looking for a happy face to insert after previous sentence. So please assume that it's there.
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      I would NOT use a normal wysiwyg editor to edit any files you download unless you know what is in there. The editor could discombobulate your code and when you upload it will be jacked.

      If YOU are going to do it.

      1. Get fire FTP for your firefox browser plug in
      2. Set up your ftp info, username, password
      3. download the file from your server to your desktop.
      4. right click on that file and click copy
      5. click paste and rename it as _backup or something(**DO THIS)
      6. Upload your backup straight back to your server
      7. Go at editing your original file with notepad, dreamweaver or what ever..
      8. Save it as _test or something
      9. upload it and see if all looks good.
      10. If good... rename it back to the original name and upload/overwrite the original file on you server
      11. if anything goes crazy.. just use your backup file from step 5 above


      Hope that helps as far as not majorly messing anything up and giving it a go for yourself since you are rusty..

      Steven Garrett
      Serial Entrepreneur
      Small Business Growth Expert
      Web Services & Consulting
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    If you have access to cPanel, you can edit the HTML on individual pages after launching the File Manager (or Legacy File Manager). You'll have the option of editing with the standard editor or the code editor. When you save your changes, they'll be updated to the site in real time.

    Make sure you know what you're doing before trying this method!

    It's a good practice to download a copy of the unedited file as a backup, in case you need to revert to the original.

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    Notepad++ would be the best one as its free and it does all the required job easily.
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    Originally Posted by anifunk View Post

    Can anyone tell me how to edit the HTML source code for my website? I've done it before but it's been a while and I can't remember how I did it.
    Its not very difficult. You can create a backup of your files and than edit them on a notepad. It is extremely important to have a backup of your files because when you are a newbie and trying to learn new things by experimenting, sometimes you do something silly and lose all of your previous data. As a professional, you cannot afford it. So always create a backup of your files before you would edit them.
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  • Hi,
    There's lot of editors available for html,You can use Netscape Navigator or Frontpage Express. These two software editors are a great tool for editing HTML , make your website appearance to be dynamic.I think these two software are free to download and use.
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    go for notpad ++,

    other good alternatives are Coda, Dreamweaver and Visual Studio
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