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I am a new information marketer, and I am setting up sites to sell e-products. All my products will be downloadable after purchase.

I clearly need a shopping cart. And I need one that will allow me to set up some way to direct the purchaser to a download page either automatically once the purchase is made, or allow an automatic e-mail with the download page information.

I started looking at shopping carts - overwhelming! I currently have all my sites set up through GoDaddy hosting using WordPress for design. I have reviewed a few shopping cart solutions and am not sure which way to go before I spend a substantial amount of time on the setup of the cart.

Any recommendations? Should I set up a totally new site with my shopping cart to direct people to from my blogs, or install a shopping cart on the blog? What methods and which shopping cart solutions have Warriors found most effective? I am not opposed to spending some money on the appropriate cart, although a free 30-day trial would be good so that I can look at the platform before I buy (that's how I have been reviewing them so far).

Thanks so much for any input to help out a newbie...I have searched around in the forums for an answer to this (probably very basic) question but couldn't find anything.
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    There are many wordpress based shopping carts which you can use.

    One of them is WP Ecommerce, which is a good one. There is a free version as well, which is good enough for building a shopping cart. Try that one and see if it suits your needs and then upgrade to the Gold version.

    WordPress › WP e-Commerce « WordPress Plugins
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    I started off with e junkie. It gets the job done and it's very affordable.

    How To Use To Sell Your Stuff

    "Should I set up a totally new site with my shopping cart to direct people to from my blogs, or install a shopping cart on the blog"

    Well, I suppose it depends on what you're selling. In many cases you'd probably want to send them to a sales page for the product they are interested in.
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    I looked up some solutions and shopping cart, I do not know which way to go before I spent a lot of time on the set of the Shopping cart.
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      I have added a WP-plugin shopping cart to my Wordpress site "Simple WP Paypal Shopping Cart" which seems to work nicely; however, once an order is placed, I would have to manually e-mail the customer the link to the download page (it appears...I would know about the order from a PayPal notification).

      I will try the WP e-commerce plugin mentioned, as well as look at e-junkie.

      I have been working on this all day, and I have also come to the conclusion that I need a sales page for each product with a "buy now" button. I am working on setting that up on Wordpress and making some progress. I think I will also have all the products available on my personal blog site as well, so two places to buy!

      Thanks for the tips, I really appreciate the help!!
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    Im sure all of that can be done with the Paypal cart? I havent sold downloadasble products for a while but im sure I did it using paypal before?
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    wordpress is just not a great solution for e-commerce despite available plugins. we're working with magento right now, but may be much than you need.
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    I recommend you try ejunkie as well. for what you are planning on doing...that is what you need.


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      I have created an online store program. It is not free - it has a low monthly fee but it includes tech support , free hosting and updates.
      You do not need to have any technical knowledge to easily get your store up. I will constantly be updating it to make it more web 2.0 , social and to make it easy to do search engine optimization.

      Custom features can be added for extra fees if needed.

      You can see more about it on Get Online today and start to sell products online and sign up for a free trial.

      Sign up with code warrior and I will give you 20% off.

      If someone is interested in a JV oppurtunity to help me promote this then please PM me.

      web programmer-eshops-custom database solutions-Awebforyou
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  • I suggest you use the best ecommerce platform out there. Magento offers feature rich, flexibility, scalability and robust that offers complete control over the look and functions of your online store, providing an unrivaled and rich online shopping experience for their customers, tailored to their unique business needs.
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      I'll will also recommend Magento.
      Another free solution is VirtueMart for joomla... I've worked with it and it's great but need some skills to configure.
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      Originally Posted by ilvys View Post

      Wordpress has some amazing free shoping carts plugins
      I agree.

      I also found some useful information regarding your question, I am not sure though, Whether it is going to be helpful or not.

      "It depends on so many factors, there are so many pros/cons, etc.

      Does your current host offer a shopping cart and security certificate?
      Do you have a merchant account?
      What is your budget for this?
      Do you need to maintain your look and feel throughout or is it OK to have a generic checkout?

      In general, the more automated it is, the more expensive it is to operate. The ones that require more initial investment (hiring a development company) are generally cheaper per transaction."
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    I used eshop on Hoosier Highway Band's website for music sales. It works great and is free.
    WordPress › eShop « WordPress Plugins

    you can see it in action here:

    yes, I am....

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    Have you heard about magento.

    we have option for downloadable product.where a person can download using a link

    provided please visit to know more detail and we also offer a e-mcommerce solution please visit to get e commerce solution
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    Use open cart. It's the simplest one to use for downloadable products. If you need any help visit our website for details.

    Kind Regards
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    I have a friend who wants to have an eCommerce site. She has a great blog going on right now which has 600-800 daily views and now wants to monetize the blog, so can magneto be installed on the wordpress blog with a link in the navbar "shop" which would take visitors to the shop?
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    Here are a few solutions:
    PayPal with DLGuard for delivery
    Cart66 plugin (can use PayPal to collect money)
    Digital Access Pass (includes membership & affiliate program)
    Creating an Affiliate Tools Page Couldn't Get Any Easier. Find out how.

    Free Screencast Videos Resource Guide Here
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      I 2nd ejunkie ... it's really simple to start out with. There's nothing to install on your site. the $ comes directly into your paypal, and the downloads are delivered automatically and securely by the service
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    My company builds all type of shopping carts. If you have time to discuss your project call 310.577.8660 ask for Ron. I can give you a quote once I have more details.
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