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by AbbyP
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Lately I've noticed quite a few sites, mostly IM related products, using a big orange buy button with the text "add to cart" on it. The size of the button is bigger than most "normal" buy buttons I see. Usually has the credit card images, etc. underneath the big button.

What I'm wondering is what is so special about this button? Does it work better than other more common buttons? Anybody know what I'm referring to?

I'll try to back track and find a page or 2 where I've seen this and post the links in case nobody knows what the heck I'm referring to...

Update: Here's one (I guess I'm not allowed to post a live link since I'm new...so you can copy and paste if you like).



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    I have seen what you are talking about. Not sure the reason for it.


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    Cool Ken...thanks very much for solving the mystery for me. Pretty impressive...35-320% better than any button he's tried.
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