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I've been looking at different Wordpress templates, both paid and free.

I want to create a video squeeze page, and put it on a domain.

I also want to create video tutorials on my domain via blog posts or pages as appropriate, but I don't want those pages indexed. I want them to only be visible to my subscribers.

Is there a code or a Wordpress feature in the settings that allows you to keep individual pages/posts from being crawled or indexed yet be visible to my subscribers?

If I set the Wordpress privacy settings to non-searchable, I'm afraid no one at all will be able to see these posts. I just don't want the search engines to see it.

I've seen some people do this with their lists using their Wordpress blogs, but I could never figure out how it was done.

I know I can do this with Blogspot, but...its Blogspot. Kind of hokey.


Mercy buttercup.
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