Having major FTP problems... HELP!!

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I have a bundled zip file that is 236 MB big and every time I try to FTP it up it doesn't work. Says the file is corrupted. Even though I can open everything inside it just fine. I can send the files via email just fine, but try to ftp the bundle, its a no go.

I am trying to set up my download link for a future clickbank product, but I cant get the download link to work. I even tried to separate the file into four different chunks with four different download buttons. I zipped the four files up, ftp'd them onto the domain. I then copied the urls and the download link is pointed to that file. However, when I try to download the file as if I was a customer, the server resets every time! It doesn't even bring up the download box asking if I want to open the file or save it.

Something isn't right. I also tried to do the same thing for a small pdf file and it wouldn't work either. I think I am doing something wrong. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    test with few small files,so that the zip file is less then 1MB in size. and test your process. if it works then only issue might be with your FTP client. which client are you using.. ?

    ping me on skype if you online, smart-web-solutions
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      You could also try uploading all the files inside a folder on your ftp, but without zipping them yet, then once you have them all online you zip the folder (using ssh if you have a dedicated server, or php if you are working on a shared).
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    I feel like such an idiot. FYI, When you copy the url into notepad from the FTP client it automatically changes the "www." part to "www/" which makes it not a link. I completely missed that one! Four hours late last night, dream-thinking about it all night and about 3 minutes of getting back into it this morning and I fixed it.

    Thank you everyone for your advice! I really appreciate it!

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