Having major FTP problems... HELP!!

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I have a bundled zip file that is 236 MB big and every time I try to FTP it up it doesn't work. Says the file is corrupted. Even though I can open everything inside it just fine. I can send the files via email just fine, but try to ftp the bundle, its a no go.

I am trying to set up my download link for a future clickbank product, but I cant get the download link to work. I even tried to separate the file into four different chunks with four different download buttons. I zipped the four files up, ftp'd them onto the domain. I then copied the urls and the download link is pointed to that file. However, when I try to download the file as if I was a customer, the server resets every time! It doesn't even bring up the download box asking if I want to open the file or save it.

Something isn't right. I also tried to do the same thing for a small pdf file and it wouldn't work either. I think I am doing something wrong. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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