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can anyone suggest or help me anyway you can on this matter please?

I am using Wordpress for my blog: Container Homes and it is taking way too long to load ? Ive been blogging now for close to 3 years, know some tech stuff but not a whole lot.

The truth here is that i really love my blog and want to keep it running as effectively and efficiently
as possible.

I have close to 400 subscribers that are loyal to my site. I am afraid i will start to lose some of them if they do not wait for my blog to load !

any help will be appreciated !

Thank You,

Dave L.
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    You can try to reduce external image/pic, reduce the ad (specially image ad), change the template to the less graphic one.. also you can check the speed of your web at websiteoptimization-dot-com/services/analyze
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    Try to reduce images after that i think your issue will be solved.
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    try to check again after removing high resolution pics and flash videos from home page if you have any
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      thanks all ! i will try these techniques !!
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        sir i think u have not good hosting u should change your hosting and take good bandwirth hosting. and yes reduce your pics

        can u plz tel me that my website is opening in your contry plz give me your comments thanks for reed me

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          hi, and thanks. yes, your site is opening up here in the USA.
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            my site is running a little faster now ! it still needs improvement but i am getting there thanks to everyone who suggested their technical expertise.

            Thanks all ! ! !

            One thing Ive learned with word press is that even though you "DE-activate" Plug ins, by "Deleting them entirely ".. you are getting rid of files which interfere with loading time !
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    The site is still very slow because it's very bloated.
    There are too many things to fix, I can't enumerate them all, better test the site yourself with and fix everything in red color.
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      Thanks, Rembro !
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        As others have said, the site is image heavy and the images you have could be optimised more.

        As an example, your header image is 240kB but just by increasing the compression a touch in Photoshop I can get that down to 51kB with no significant visual impact. If you can achieve that level of reduction in all your images your site will load a heck of a lot quicker.
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    If the site is image heavy then put the images onto a CDN and use WordPress › W3 Total Cache « WordPress Plugins or WordPress › Hyper Cache « WordPress Plugins
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