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If you have a minute or two, I would appreciate your review of this legal website. What would you add or delete from this site?

Idaho Accident Attorneys

Thanks - Much!
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    Right off the top, the site is HUGE. I tested it in for load speed, and it hit 12 seconds then died. Not good!

    The images in the center are over half a MB each. Work on making the content much smaller and faster loading. Remember that not everyone has a fast web connection - or patience for that matter.

    The site itself looks nice though. Good luck!
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  • Looks really good. I would put the contact form above the fold, to get more people to contact them. The menu on the right is the same thing as the second button on the menu, you may not need both. place your contact form there instead.
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    I suggest that if you really need to have the background change, make it so that it's a random pic that changes each session, and get rid of the quicktime movie that seems to just have a flashing red light. It may be possible to increase the time between background switches, though I doubt that would help with load time.

    The combination of constant background change and annoying flashing red light is enough to make me want to go elsewhere.

    Also, I think it's crucial to increase the load speed. 500k for a pic is too big.

    Flashy is good, slow is unforgiveable.

    The site overall looks really professional. Once you get the background switch/QT issue fixed and the load time down to lickety split - you'll have a really nice site.


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    Definitely had some lag when opening it up.
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    My thoughts:
    1. Theme/layout is fine
    2. Colors are fine
    3. Navigation is nice.
    4. Header is fine
    5. Images are making things worse for your site when loading. Try to use appropriate size of images.
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