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What is the best CMS and why?
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    Wordpress!!! because its simple and easy to learn...
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    Can we please not do this any more? These threads are getting old.

    The 2nd Amendment, 1789 - The Original Homeland Security.

    Gun control means never having to say, "I missed you."

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      Originally Posted by SteveJohnson View Post

      Can we please not do this any more? These threads are getting old.
      lol, yeah this question must be on of the most popular on ANY forum

      Anyhoo, Wordpress all the way for me! Tried Drupal in the past, but that's too hard and too advanced for my taste (very good platform if you know what you're doing though).

      Joomla and Mambo and the likes really cannot compare to the ease of use and HUGE community of Wordpress

      Skip the chit-chat: Lists and everything else, in bite-sized chunks!

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      Originally Posted by SteveJohnson View Post

      Can we please not do this any more? These threads are getting old.
      No way man. I look forward to somebody asking this question every week.



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    eonicweb is the best CMS i have used
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    Wordpress , the easiest , free and easy to make it SEO Optimized .
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      I vote for Wordpress as well
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        i vote for joomla . easy to install and powerful php + mysql based CMS. It is great for novices and advanced user. there are many plugins and other seo stuff. Try it joomla dot org
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    I'd say Drupal. It's certainly not the easiest (or anywhere close
    to being the easiest) to learn.

    Wordpress is way easier to learn imo, but it has weaknesses for
    larger sites with a lot of activity. I like it, but it's not the right
    tool for some jobs or clients.

    Joomla has a lot of themes and support from graphic designers.
    Drupal doesn't.
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    If I want to incorporate an html-based design into a CMS framework, CMS Made Simple wins hands down.

    If I want fast and easy, I go with Wordpress. It's well supported and has many excellent templates.
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    The duplex content would feature to be typed by the soul tho'. Could be quantify consuming!

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    I think wordpress is the best CMS because its easy to customize and add themes to it.
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    Wordpress is the easiest and can be used for most common purposes. But there are many other good CMS platforms too. Like Joomla, Xoops and ... . It depends on your need and your ability for managing them.

    I love warriorforum.

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    MODx because it's light; not bloated at all, and extremely robust.

    It doesn't require complicated themes (just some tags in the plain HTML) and is super SEO friendly.

    Most importantly it conforms to your HTML and not the other way. The good thing is that you don't need to configure your HTML to fit MODx. Your theme is your HTML

    I hand-code beautiful optimized pages/sites. No Dreamweaver or tables fluff - contact me for clean and semantic W3C standards code

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      If this investigation proves with anything, it' What kind of you' By whether s selection of net CMS being decided; Doing we' It is what, re-try; Ve which is said from beginning. At least rather than now should see in the people, there is opinion of the limit quantification possible deck.
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        I have just posted in another thread on the same topic:

        I have used Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress, and in fact I have switched my preferences over time.

        Drupal is really good for high-end web developers where a lot of customization is needed, but it is overkill for most purposes.

        Joomla has a lot of great features and would suit most people's needs. It was my preferred CMS for a time. I found a few elements of it quirky but liked the full range of features.

        But in the end I have returned to Wordpress, which has improved massively over the years and is now a full CMS and not just blogging software. It is very quick, simple and flexible once you get away from the limitations of standard themes.

        If you are building a lot of sites it is better to pick one CMS and stick with it unless you have a specific reason for going elsewhere. That will increase your productivity as you can repeat patterns and clip bits of code as required. For me I just find Wordpress fits the bill but that is not to say that the other two couldn't work equally well for other people.
        It might be worth heading over to that thread to see other comments:
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    Custom CMS is best which will according to your need.
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    I can give you custom CMS according your desire/need. Content, image gallery, video gallery, testiomnials, events, new and announcements and more you can update yourself easily to use admin panel.After completion you shall be given training to use back end.

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    It depends on what you are going to do?
    For internet marketing, I choose Wordpress!
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    i choose wordpress easy to customize
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    Well, I love Joomla because it has lots of features and suits our all our needs. I am working on joomla and very satisfied with it. Also, it is very use to use. Thanks!
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      ditto that. WP is the easier way out but if you want added functionality, Joomla! is the way to go.
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    Wordpress , highly easy to customize and easy to use .
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