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Hi There,

I can't seem to copy and transfer a complete site over to another one.

Here is what I am trying to do:

I have a hidden landing site on a subdomain of one of my sites ( and I want to copy it and put the same subdomain on another related site (so it would be However, I can't seem to copy the whole thing over, it just takes the theme and none of the content.

I used CoreFTP lite to copy the whole subdomain and the only file I changed was the wp-config but it didn't copy anything else not even the settings in WordPress (like the privacy settings)

Can anyone tell me if there is something simple that I am doing wrong or if there is a detailed guide to copying and transferring sites using an FTP uploader?

Would really appreciate your help

Many thanks

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    Transferring a wordpress site you need to create a new MySQL database for the new site location, export the old MySQL database, and import it into the new database.

    what did you change in the WP-Config file?
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    In order to copy a WP site over to a new account, you need to export the database from the first site, and import it into the second site. Have you done this?

    Then, you need to upload all of the themes & plugins that you used on the first site - then activate them all. Just downloading the files and uploading them won't do the trick - you need to copy everything, starting with the database and then all extra plugins/themes you're using.

    Here's a pretty decent walk through of how to copy a WP based site to a new domain: Moving WordPress « WordPress Codex
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      Just came back to this because I am transfering another site and saw that I forgot to thank you.

      So, thanks very much for your help. It was exactly what I needed
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