Help Customizing My Wordpress Site?

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Hi there, I've got a site called that I want to customize to look VERY SIMILAR (content management-wise, too) to a site called

321Gold is very, very simple, and I love the way blog posts can be taken in quickly (very useful, functional, though a bit boring).

I've tinkered a bit with trying myself, but am at a point where I'd be happy to pay an expert, say, a couple hundred bucks ($200) to quickly change my site to work and appear like 321Gold.

I'd also like to hear others' advice, as I'm a Wordpress user, and not afraid to dive into things myself! Thanks in advance!

Please respond to this post if you're interested or have advice or recommendations for me.

Sincerely, Ben
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    Personally, I prefer the current look of your site.

    Where have you got to with your own tinkering?

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      My tinkering has been more about eliminating certain features. I've thinned out and simplified the look of the theme.

      However, I still want to make my site look like, as I think that site is exceedingly more useful for my business purposes. The question is, How best to get there?
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    If you really want to change the look of your WP site - you should consider installing and using another theme. I'd suggest finding a theme that is much closer to what you'd like than your present theme... and, if you are familiar with XHTML/CSS just tweak that theme until it looks as you want it.
    Good resource of themes: WordPress › Extend > WordPress Themes

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    Hey Ben, What exactly are you trying to emulate? Colors, Layout, posts? It can easily be done using WP as it's flexibility is endless.

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    I'm looking at your post on the 22 of December, if you haven't changed it, I think it looks better then the site you are trying to copy. Yours looks more professional easier to read and more sharp. The other site, for me, was more difficult to navigate through and too busy. I just wanted to leave once I got there. Your site looks very organized and professional.
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      I happen to agree with everyone. Your site is much more professional-looking.

      now all you need is to add some widgets in your sidebars with the tickers, etc and you're good to go
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    I have to say unless you have put in the url for the wrong site for 321gold why would you want to copy that?

    It looks like, no offence to the owner/designer, that it was created pre-internet. It is way too busy and confusing to be of value to a visitor. I would stick with what you have ... add in the max banner ads plugin for some ads and drag a few widgets over for whatever you want to put in the sidebars.

    My 2 cents

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