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by skyla
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I am trying to use a plugin so that my wordpress site is in maintenance mode until I have finished adding content. So far haven't gotten one to work.

Has anyone had any experience with a good plugin that will do this?

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    I'd like to know that too!
    I'm going to be building a new WP site next week and I don't want it "live" until I've got a ton of content on it.

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    Nice Find.

    There also a plug-in called Maintenance Mode. It's good for when you just want to take your site down for a little while. You can customize the message.
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    Maintenance Mode is good. You can keep using it whenever you update your site.
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      I tried Maintenance Mode and could not get it to work unfortunately!
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        I thought I had the same problem. But when I checked I did not have the right plugin.

        It really is called "Maintenance Mode" once I installed and activated that plugin I went to setting right in Plugins. Just enter the time you will be down and click save.
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        Originally Posted by skyla View Post

        I tried Maintenance Mode and could not get it to work unfortunately!
        I've used Maintenance Mode on many sites and have never had a problem. Perhaps you are noticing that you can still see your site when the plugin is active - this is because it allows logged in admin-level users to see the front end as well as the backend of the site. Only public visitors and lower-level users see the maintenance announcement screen.

        Either log out and check the site or open up a different browser type (a browser where you're not logged in) and check the site in the logged out browser. Either way, you should just see the maintenance notification screen.
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    A non-plugin 'dirty' solution would be just to temporarily rename the main WordPress index.php, and create a new one with some basic HTML that says "maintenance mode" or whatever you'd like.

    The reason this works is because all of WordPress 'flows' through that file, so even if you tried to get to a page or a post, you'd get an error. May not be tidy, but it works.

    To clean it up a bit more, you could also create a general redirect (302, not 301) that pushes everything to the temporary index.php page.
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