What web platform to use for a $5k site - Wordpress or Joomla!?

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Hey guys,

I started a $600/mo seo gig for a local client last month and at our first meeting suggested he get a custom website design. Well, this week he called and agreed to a $5k website deal starting next week. This is the biggest website job I've landed so far and I feel like I'm in a bit over my head. I really want knock this website out of the park, however I build it, and I've estimated 4-5 weeks for completion.

The thing is, I'm used to creating all sites, both for myself and small business clients, in Wordpress, but I'm wondering if I need to go further than Wordpress for this one. I don't have any programming knowledge so I'd really like to use a platform to work on, instead of building from the ground up. I will probably outsource a little design work but I'd really like to teach myself along the way where possible.

To give you an idea of the kind of site I want to build, check these two out:

installautomation dot net
finitesolutions dot co dot uk

It needs to be pretty slick with bells and whistles and I want to avoid using flash if I can use a slider widget for the main images instead. The site will also need to include an ecommerce shop.

What platform do you think would be most appropriate for building this site?

Also, what do you guys think of using Yoothemes for Wordpress/Joomla? Would their "Zoo" content builder be good for including an ecommerce shop on the site? What's your general opinion of Yoothemes and their tools?

Would really appreciate your advice and recommendations on what to use.

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    How about i design it and we split profit in half? lol j/k I would go with wordpress over joomla
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    In the case of these two sites, they are highly customized. Given some of what you're talking about needing to do, and given an assumption that they want to maintain look-and-feel, a WordPress site, while (most likely) best for SEO, might be a struggle to set up and mimic the given designs or similar ones.

    I'm leaning towards an idea that Joomla with appropriate plugins will do it for you. I hope that you're getting $5k for the website ON TOP of the $600/mo, because this will be some work for you.

    I'm going to be honest - with no programming knowledge, you're going to pull your hair out when you hit the inevitable brick walls. Just look at my picture!

    Outsourcing to a Joomla or WP expert will probably be in the cards.
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      Wordpress 100% it is much easier for the client to use once
      you pass it over them. You can do a hell of a lot more with
      SEO, it's far easier from a coding perspective.

      Tell the client double that time frame. They are too slow in
      responding for the most part. General rule what ever you
      think it will take it will take twice as long, even when you
      are experienced.

      If you want a free quick skype chat about the whole thing
      PM me I have been very successful in this market and have
      a lot of experience.
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    Personally I used to design websites for clients in Joomla. Once I turned it over to them, they had a lot of problems understanding how to update content etc.

    I made the switch to wordpress about a year ago and it's much easier and cleaner. I'd definitely recommend it over Joomla.
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    I use WordPress for all my sites. If you can, invest money in a good, profesional theme. You can't go wrong with StudioPress themes.
    Stefalex - Wordpress Maintenance & Support
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    Wordpress is the most popular platform on the planet and thesis offer the their premium wordpress framework which you can fully customise to your clients specs
    there's no other support forum who will provide all the php and css to enable you to do this fast.

    I've written a review on the Top 7 Best Premium Wordpress Theme Creators with a link to a full post review of the thesis theme for wordpress
    Otherwise you may decide on using a premium thesis skin/theme and tweek it to your clients specs instead.

    After sales service is something that you may also consider for your clients sake
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    If your client is not a techie, WordPress seems to be the answer.
    >> Web Design, Wordpress & SEO - XtraPunch.com <<
    Web Design & SEO Agency | Serving World Wide from New Delhi, India

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    I would go with Joomla. WP is easier to set up and understand but you can do so much more in Joomla.
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      Thanks for all your responses, much appreciated. It looks like the majority are in favour of using Wordpress. I must admit I thought opinion would be more divided on this but I guess Wordpress has come a long way from it's roots as a blog platform. I thought some of you might say another platform would be more stable/professional for things like including an ecommerce store and adding other cms funcionality.

      Well, Wordpress would be easier for me. Plus with the monthly seo deal I have I'm pretty sure I'll be making all future updates to the site, assuming they like it. I feel like I'm on the fence a bit because I haven't seen or been inspired by any theme that has achieved the kind of site i want to model.

      Hmm, will have to keep thinking on this.
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