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I am looking for some people who would like to test my website (design and functions). I am not looking for anything special; just some honest reviews and opinions.

As I am still working on the site, I wont post in public yet, but every1 who wants to do my the favour to take a look, please pm me or leave your contact details and i will immediatly reply with the URL!

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    Hey ,,am similar like you maybe we can review each other pm.
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      I'd be willing to help review your site, just let me know when it's ready to go.
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    Hi Girls and Guys,

    I have noticed that I am not able to send PMs yet. Therefor I will finsih the site and post it in this thread for all to review it, when I am done! Thanks in advance for your help!
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    ok,,take all the time you need,,i guess u can have i look at mine,click on uju,then go to uju homepage and tell me what you think,,,,
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    when u done ur website..please share here
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    I have put online a Beta version of my site. Please note that is only about 95% finished and the content is only about 60% done.

    Please let me know your reviews and the errors you may have when trying the search engine!

    http:**safenation.us (replace ** with //)
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