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Newbie here with a general question about my web hosting provider. They provide me a builder tool where I can edit categories, pages, manage products, product boxes, html editor, etc - its is not bad but seems pretty steep at $40 a month. Could this be easily transferred to another hosting provider, and would it be headache to manage things on a new builder tool?
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    Hello chucker8,

    Welcome to Warrior Forum!

    My web hosting providers offer all sorts of things. I almost never
    use any of it. I use different software to make changes to my
    sites and it's not necessary to use what they offer. $40 a month
    sounds steep to me. Then again, it's what you get for the $40.


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      the most hosting providers offer site builders and all site builders are practically the same or have the same logic... don't worry
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        What is the site creator called? If they have cpanel it sounds like the one that comes bundled!
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    Originally Posted by chucker8 View Post

    Could this be easily transferred to another hosting provider, and
    would it be headache to manage things on a new builder tool?
    If you're thinking of transferring because of their offer of $40 a month
    for their bundled package, you don't have to use their offer. Your
    site could be managed with several type programs depending on what
    your site was orig. built with. And if you did move your site, most
    likely it could be managed with another editor. Also there are dozens
    of free website builder programs out there you can use anyway.

    Transferring your site should be easy. You have 2 sets of folders.
    One is most likely on your computer and another on the server where
    your site is hosted at. If you get a different provider, your folder
    contents can be uploaded with a FTP and you should be up in no time
    at all.


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      Excellent, thanks everyone for the replies. I'm going to download all my files, then search for some free or cheap website managers and see if i can upload the data and see how it looks
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        Try X10hosting. That's free...a 'proper' hosting account with cPanel.

        There's 4 main things to consider when moving a site:
        1) Domain
        2) Files
        3) Database/s
        4) Email
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    Intresting. I contacted my provider and requested access to the FTP server to access files etc. And they told me I had to have 'business plus level' membership which is an extra $20 a month.

    So perhaps I'll get one month at 'business level plus' , pay the $20, download the files, cancel membreship, and then see about transferring
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    $20/month just for FTP access? who the hell are you hosting with? That's stupid.

    You need to get away from that company.

    Also - the posting above about just copying a few file folders incorrect. That won't copy email, databases, logs, and configuration settings. What you need to do is run a cPanel backup (since you have cPanel, you should be able to do this). I posted a guide on how to do it here: How to Backup Your Websites With cPanel

    It will take a few hours to generate the backup depending on how much stuff you have, but that can be imported into a new hosting company.

    Unless they offer some kind of super programs or services you are getting ripped off.

    You can get the same deal elsewhere for $6 - $12/month (our WSO makes it $6 - $7.50/month depending on the plan, see my sig).
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    $40/mo + $20/mo for FTP? = $60?

    You were (are?) scammed big time, my friend!

    For that money you can have a VPS (virtual private server)...

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    It does not use cpanel . The product is 'Lightwave builder' - within the Lightwave control panel I could find a way to back up data? - i guess the extra $20 covers that!
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      chucker8 - I am in the same situation as you and want to get out of Lightwave, have you had any luck, and if so, how did you do it?
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    Thats still obscenely overpriced. Are you on a shared, reseller, or VPS plan?

    If you are on a shared or reseller plan you are paying way too much.
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    I'm not sure if this is through a shared, reseller, or VPS plan. I purchased an Internet Marketing training program which also included the web hosting. I don;t think I mentioned, but it also includes shipping modules, merchant module, taxes, manage products, etc. Would these other cheaper options such as X10 also include these features?
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    I tell you something. Don't pay that $20 better CLONE your website and upload it again to the new hosting. You can do it manually or you can use many softwares out there like the free one HTTRACK (you can get it at or many others.

    Also don't forget to delete the old website files to prevent duplicated content punishment.

    PS. $40 / month is a thief don't pay any more cents, you can get a better hosting at Hostragtor (1 cent first month or about $5 per month )
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    Don't use a built in site manager! If you use a CMS like Wordpress, joomla, etc, then you have more options, more stability and it can be easily transferred over.
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    you can also use atbhost. free and lots of features.
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    hey there, sorry I never did get back to you on this. Admittedly I've been slacking but I plan to switch away from Lightwave soon. The $50/month hosting fees are crazy! Have you switched over from Lightwave to something else? Any recommendations?

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      I use Hostgator and have my client also use hostgator. $9 a month for shared hosting. They are a big enough company that if your site blows up you can move to a dedicated server and stay with Hostgator. unlimited domains, email addresses, bandwidth, storage and databases. (if you do the baby plan or higher) 24/7 customer support. They are always helpful. They run cPanel so it should be familiar and have all the site building tools.

      You really shouldn't use all the tools provided by the host. It was mentioned earlier but put your site on Wordpress. Hostgator has a service called Fantastico that will install Wordpress for you.

      As far as FTP goes download Filezilla. It's free and a much better way to connect to your server.
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    So here it is February 2012, and I have still not transferred out of Lightwave Builder because I don't know how! Can anyone help with this! I have to get out of paying $40/mo, but I have NO idea how to transfer an e-commerce site. What happens to my shopping cart, and all my customers, etc.
    Anyone that can help, it would be appreciated!
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      Originally Posted by Christian Little View Post

      Does your hosting provider use cPanel?
      It doesn't seem like he's using cPanel. He mentioned something called "lightwave builder". A google search leads to this site:

      It looks like some proprietary CMS like system which I'm under the impression offers nothing similar to a web hosting control panel like cPanel.

      I'm with whoever suggested using Httrack to make a mirror of the site. This Light Wave system looks like a closed proprietary system such that if you downloaded whatever source files there are (after paying $20 for FTP access ), those files are going to be pretty much useless without the "Lightwave" system they're made to work with.

      But I"m with others who think the OP needs to get away from his current host ASAP.


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      But be sure to get a backup of your website some times due to some changes in the php coding you may loose some files...., but its not much difficult to transfer a website......
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    Transferring web hosting is just a matter of changing the nameservers and uploading the downloaded contents of your site to your new webhost; particularly via FTP, then unzipping the file(s) of your site. Simple as pie. Good luck bud!
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