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by Kennyz
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I have Ultimate Blogging Theme 3.0 theme, and with FireFox its works great, but with Chrome & IE I have a mess.

This is the main page, menu is from the left side. the main page work great with FireFox,Chrome and IE.

This picture is inside the posts, as you can see the menu is on the bottom of the post and not from the left side, this happens with chrome and IE, but in FF its works good.

How can i fix it?
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    We'd have to see the code to help you. Looks like you don't want people to see the site (understandable). The best I can say without seeing the code is: make sure all your divs are closed and floats are sorted. Oh, and make sure your links and images are coded properly. That can jack your whole theme up as well.
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    Have you tried asking their support desk for help?
    I use UBT and have had a couple of layout problems that they have been able to sort out - usually it's a conflicting plugin I've used.
    Their support desk is very good at nailing down what is causing problems.
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    Even without seeing the code I can tell you: it is ALWAYS a user mistake when it happens.

    You have an element (div or link or image... something) that is wider than the element it contains it. Now, depending on the code of the theme this can be either in the sidebar or in the content area.

    A simple example so that you understand it:
    imagine a theme that is 800px wide
    - the sidebar is 200 and the content 600

    As soon as you place a 201px element in the sidebar - that whole thing will be pushed "below" the other div (content) because 201+600=801 cannot fit in 800.

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