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Hello Warriors,

I have a question and a request but this may not be the place for this thread but I will start here and mods, please let me know if I need to place this thread elsewhere -

I have a client that has built their site and managed it using Expression Engine.
This client is looking to keep the site on this CMS, but wanting to re-architect the site as they've had some significant organization changes.

They're working on a new site map and will have that submitted to me sometime next week.
They are going to also provide the source copy to me as well.

*** So with this said, I would like to see if anybody is familiar with Expression Engine and would be willing to bid me a price on what a re-design and content replacement cost would be.
I will be able to supply you with a word file to be imported to the site, but just not sure how many pages at this time . . .

(I will be happy to share the URL once I get some inquiries from Warriors who know how to use and edit this platform)

I look forward to any feedback, or inquires -


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