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Looking for someone to build a site from psd to wordpress in semantic code

Anyone got anyone they can recommend
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    Originally Posted by zuko View Post

    Looking for someone to build a site from psd to wordpress in semantic code

    Anyone got anyone they can recommend
    I do WP conversion all the time, what do you have? I can normally do them in 1 to 2 days.
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    try to search PSD to Wp and you will find a dozen of websites where you can get a nice theme for a few hundreds USD
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      Good suggestions...or go to or and hire a coder.
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      I actually used the Tuts+ tutorials to clarify the process and after taking the hour to follow along and slice up my own a while back and it was no big deal...

      I have also used a Company for both an XHTML and WP chop job and truthfully the only thing it did was cause a hassle, the time saved was negligible they just don't bang out the goods like you may be capable of your self... I personally can't stand the wait and don't appreciate companies that celebrate weekends and got screwed on that front by ordering on a Wed. LOL

      So instead of just saying do this...don't do that hire me or whatever I will say this:

      I used: as the rates were reasonable
      (some of the cheapest I found) ZERO AFFILIATION

      I do believe I paid like 60 bux on an HTML slice...They Upcharge for multiple pages and the like so I just had them build one page and made the rest myself to save a buck. I felt jilted, I should have just done it myself.

      The WP Upcharge was an extra 50 bucks and I was OK with it because the project budget was on point and it was an enterprise class solution in the end....

      Beware as they do like to upcharge heavily on the backend for stuff like font replacement that you may just want to do yourself.

      And as dutifully noted:

      Originally Posted by SDStudio View Post


      This is the best site that i use to learn how to build a Website or Wordpress Layout.

      From PSD to HTML: Building a Set of Website Designs Step by Step | Nettuts+

      Is the definite source and what I used to figure out when to hold em and when to fold em if you get my drift.

      So there is no real answer as no one but you knows your skillset your project budget or your tolerance for BS LOL... but the fact of the matter is as a professional capable of doing as such without outsourcing I found that in my experience it a wash unless you really can't be bothered and you have the budget to cover the slicer.

      ...and Hey if you do get it sliced and use someone else or someone cheaper please share your experience as we all know that speaks volumes over blanket statements and conjecture!

      Good luck!

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    I,m a Freelance Website Designer and CMS(WP & Joomla) Developer Having more than 5+ years of Experience in Website Designing and Wordpress and Joomla Templates Development.I,m very Excellent in Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Dreamweaver,Adobe Flash,HTML,XHTML,CSS,Javascript and Jquery.

    Mostly i will do the:

    PSD to Joomla Conversion,PSD to Wordpress,PSD to HTML,PSD to XHTML/CSS and HTML to Joomla,HTML to Wordpress,XHTML to Joomla,XHTML to Wordpress.

    On Project Basis:

    PSD,JPG,GIF,PNG to Joomla -$150 -2Biz Hours

    PSD,JPG,GIF,PNG to Wordpress -$130 -2Biz Hours

    PSD,JPG,GIF,PNG to XHTML/CSS -$89 -2Biz Hours

    if your interseted..please contact me at


    Skype ID is : anil.designer
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