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Finishing up the details on a new blog and would like opinions regarding overall look and layout, color scheme, etc. Still have to add more content before everything will start showing, but I think it will give a good representation:

Guppies: Endless Colors, Patterns and Shapes | ASA Industries

Accepting all constructive criticism.
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    Interesting, the layout is I think good, now if it were me I would use a nice green header, perhaps even an image, scrap the logo and start over again, find a nicely colorful species to display, get as much detail as you can drop the background and put it all by it self, perhaps use caps on the text and move it a little lower,

    I think that the sides would be interesting to sort test out to try and frame your content draw the users eye to the content when I look my eye wanders, try to find a way to frame the content you want them to read by using darker to lighter from outside to inside.

    Just a few thoughts,
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    I like it. One thing would help a lot, I think, and that would be a better use of color. It is very mellow now, which is okay, but it lacks the "pop" factor... contrasting colors or some image or graphic feature that really grabs attention.
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      Too much blue contrasting colors, the eye wanders all over, try going to a website color schemer and look at a better scheme, again as mentioned go for a header with a realy good image rarther than a logo. I pesonly use 3 main colors with one of the colors realy standing out either in the header image or background image. your tab and navigation at the top is the same color as your content back groud(white), use a color tab ( within your color scheme ) or a button/s.

      With your content on this site ( fish ) you can realy make images and content look realy good with color and very pleasing to the eye which will add to the "pop" factor as mentioned before.

      The box's that have the fishes in could be realy good with a different color added to each box in the backgound, perhaps in amage for each one, just looks to bland at the moment .

      Again your backgound colors or image look more like a sea/ocean representation , make it look like freshwater. Look at the backgounds you find on Tropical fishtanks, there more of a deeper blue with greens ( posted by Tim Franklin:....Interesting, the layout is I think good, now if it were me I would use a nice green header, perhaps even an image, scrap the logo and start over again,).

      If your going to have adverts make shure they are related to this subject.

      just my thoughts.

      Give everyone a chance

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    I like the layout! I think it looks very clean.

    I would suggest making the background of the header darker. It'll help to anchor the page and help the white menu stand out. As is, it's kind of hard to compartmentalize the header from the logo from the menu.

    But overall, I think it looks good!
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      Excellent effort I must say! Design, layout and navigation all are ok. But I also feel color combination should be such type that could help to differentiate your blog's background and text. Just look the right side, blue text does not matches well with sky background! Also try to make a color combination that would be contrasting and reduce the pale look of your blog.
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    Looks good, but you definitely need a new logo . Just kiddin' - simple and efficient but i have to agree with sunnychakes regarding the lack of contrast, maybe the ads will have to catch the attention.
    Good luck ahead!

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    I like the colors, the blue gradient is very "guppy like" Also love the outline drawings, nice info graphic and although I'm more of a dog than fish person, I became interested right away. A few comments, the site title seems a bit heavy handed given the subject matter. Perhaps a serif font? maybe even Georgia as you're using sans serif for body copy and headlines.

    It might be nice to add just a touch of yellow orange, perhaps in some link text, just for contrast and carrying through the fish colors. I tend to look at my subject matter and images and pick up a primary range of colors ( the blues in your case ) and then look for a secondary color which compliments this.
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    Hi - I like it, it looks very clean and professional. The only thing I could think of really would be to have the legal info and best themes links separate from your contact information at the bottom.

    Other than that, I really like it. .
    If what I said helps, let me know, throw me a 'thanks'.
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