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Remove me!- I want to dissapear Just a sample site so dont mind it looking bad please
So say people go there and move there mouse over "Sample 2" under that I want a small drop down to come out that has several different pages under it they can click to bring up a page. How do I go about doing that?

Mainly looking for a simple to use method that doesn't really require coding, maybe a simple plugin. Looked and couldn't really find one to do this for me.
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    Implement "Superfish" drop doen menus. Better still get a good theme. All of them will support this. Just add child menus to the main menu item using "Menus" tab in WP dashboard.
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      Alright thanks I'll give it a go!

      EDIT: That just appears to be a widget for the side, the actual pages displayed at the top is what I am trying to get to drop down.

      on there page though they have what I want

      At the top if you move your mouse over "wordpress" or "tools" a drop down in that location.
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