Intergrate Plugin Function with own CSS Stylesheet??

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Hi There,

I would really appreciate some help with this.

Most of this week has been learning how to use CSS so that I can put some cool things at the end of posts and stuff. So, here is my question:

Can I take a plugin and put it into my own stylesheet?

For example, At the end of everypost I would like the sociable plugin icons, related posts and aweber opt-in form all placed on a background picture that I have put into the style sheet. The aweber one is fine as they give you the code to put where you want the opt-in form to go.

However, the socialble plugin just appears in your side bar. How do I take what appears in my side bar and make it appear somewhere else of my choosing?

I hope this makes sense

Thanks for your help

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    Altering the css is not the solution. You'll have to do a bit of hacking of the index.php file in the template's folder.

    This thread might offer you a bit of help

    WordPress › Support » Change the position where Sociable is display
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      Thanks for that,

      That worked well with the old sociable.

      How do I find the display part of the php so that I can take any plugin that displays something on my site and then insert that into my own template?

      (in the example above for sociable, it was:
      <?php if (function_exists('sociable_html')) {
      echo sociable_html();
      } ?>

      And this worked when I put it in thesis open hook. However, when I tried it with another plugin (sociable 3) I couldn't find the bit that that would make it work in the same way.

      Is there a common piece of code that I can find in the plugin editor that I just look for and extract?

      Many thanks

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