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Hello Warriors,

I just updated my podcast landing page here:


If you have a moment, swing by and check out the header image. I have just integrated a flash player for the current episode there. Upon your first visit to the site, what impression do you have about the design?

Please provide constructive criticism. Is there a missing element? Does it flow well? It is just nice to get some feedback from other users out there. Thanks, -Presto
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    The design looks great. There are a couple of things I'd do though. The click here message for the podcast blends too much with the theme. I didn't notice it at first. Consider making the arrow pointing to it another color, red or black.

    The Google ad has got to go. It crowds your space. Long ago I read something by a major marketer and it stuck. He said, don't compromise your offer with silly ads. It only dilutes what you have.

    They might be okay on another page but not in your prime time spot, not for the return you get from them. (unless the site is specifically designed for Adsense)

    To the left you have a "click here to subscribe" button. I clicked it and found myself on another page that appears to have little to do with where I just came from. And, there was no optin form. So now I’m asking myself, why did I click? Now you’ve given the short attention span folks the chance to bolt.

    I'd just put the signup stuff right there where you have the click here message. Same thing with signing up for the course. I think I understand what you're trying to do but arriving on a different domain is confusing to people.

    If you want visitors to see your other sites write some compelling articles or blog posts and prepare them for a visit to another page. The way you have things now works against you in two ways.

    · You've put an additional step into the process of signing up or getting your course. These things should be right there on your home page.
    · And as already mentioned, the second thing is your visitor lands somewhere not easily knowing what to do next because you haven't prepared them.

    This goes beyond your primary question but the items I've mentioned will hurt you. Always tell people what you want, what they are going to get, and why they need it. Never assume they'll just figure it out. I hate to use this term but it applies, you've got to make your site absolutely stupid proof. Good luck.
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    I totally agree with travlinguy, great review.
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