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pls how do I create a squeeze page?
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    Every internet marketer need to learn how to build squeeze page that will convert traffic in to leads. These type of small WebPages have only one purpose and that is to convert traffic into potential prospects or leads. As far from technical side, all you really need to build a opt-in page is a website construction tool, webhosting account and auto responder account. The goal of this post is not to explain the technical side of creating these websites though, instead of that I will be explaining and focusing on the five step process on how to build a pages for opt-in list that work.

    1. Title For Your Article.

    The headline is the top most things your visitors would take look once they land on your webpage, it should be located at the top of your website and needs to talk with your visitor's interest right away. Since this will be the first thing a users will notice when they will visit your website, your headline will leaves high impact on their mind to visit or leaving your web-page, and demands that they continue reading. If your headline doesn't do this your visitor will most likely leave your page before reading the rest of your copy or watching your video.

    2. Expertise Content.

    Once your website's headline attracts the visitors, now you need to take a look on your content. This should be perfect from user's perspective as the readers coming on your page definitely looking for information on their problems or needs. If your content doesn't fulfill their needs, they probably leave your website and never come back, hence develop content that should provide all information relevant to your reader's need as well as addresses their problem. Every readers comes with their own set of questions, think about all general questions which can coming up with the topic and provide the answers, this will make your content unique and keep readers attach to your web-page.

    3. Provide all Information related to topic along with answers of question that might your readers come through.

    Make Sure that you pitch a compelling call to action for your visitor along with information you provides. This is situation where the rubber meets the road and your audiences will either become your subscribers or leave your websites and do not come back. The important thing after providing informative content is to tell them exactly what they need to do after reading your content and show them what they would be getting after opt-in. Be clear, concise and provide them step by step instructions.

    4. Use Attractive Opt-In Box.

    Get an Auto Responder tool to do this, they offers nice and easy way to opt-in modifications where you can easily select or modify opt-in box you choose. Color, Size, Back ground, you can select opt-in box theme on almost all niches.

    5. Use Privacy Statement To Insure Your Audiences.

    Privacy statement is the sentence at the bottom of your website that makes your readers feel confident about providing their information. This is most important elements that most of internet marketers forgets as thinking it is not important and it cause them by loosing lots of potential subscribers. It's important to let your visitors know that you will not be sharing or distributing their information so they can submit their contact details in confidence.

    hope that helps some
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    thanks for the post
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