Can you copy a wordpress blog?

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Hey guys

Anyone know if or how you can copy a wordpress blog?

Im just thinking that i have several keywords in a niche that im targeting and wondered if copying one of my blogs was possible in terms of the whole lot in one go?

I know i can copy posts, pages and pics etc but i mean to save the time and hassle is it possible to just copy a complete wordpress blog into a new domain name?

Your help is appreciated


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    The BackupBuddy plugin will do that for you - it has a specific process for migrating an entire WordPress site.


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    I use wp twin to clone and backup wp sites and it works fine for me and is dead easy to use. You can find out more at (this is not an affiliate link )
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      The most dependable way to COMPLETELY clone a site is to...

      *download all the WP files from the server via FTP
      *setup your new domain in your hosting acct and create a new Mysql database
      *go to the database for the site you are cloning and export all the tables
      *go to your new DB and import then edit the "Options" table in your new DB in line 2 and somewhere around line 39 to change the old url to the new url for the site.
      *go back to the WP files you downloaded and change the WP-config.php file to reflect the new DB name, user, and password
      *upload all the WP files to the new domain root directory

      Now you should be able to login to the admin panel using the same user/pass as before.

      Make sure you disable the old site or change the content so you don't have duplicate sites.

      I do this for clients all the time and it is the safest, most dependable method, plus you now have a complete backup of your site on your computer should anything bad happen in the future.
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    +1 for BackupBuddy. I use it all the time and great for regular backups to store as well.

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