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by Kpick
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Hey all...please try not to laugh.

I need to take a "screenshot" type of picture of my screen, then add some arrows and writing on it.

What program are you all using?

If I wanted to show a Google search and the complete first page with would one go about that.

I know its a little sophomoric question but????

Thanks in advance,
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    Most computers will let you take a screen shot with a push of a button or a combination of buttons for a mac.

    I use a free photoshop type program called to add arrows and circles etc
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    For screenshots I always use Snagit. This isn't a free program but there are plenty of free programs out there. After I have my screenshot I edit it in Photoshop. Again this isn't a free program but there are others that are.

    A note about screen capture software: I like Snagit because it will freeze the screen even with menus open. Most of the other softwares I've tried will close any open menus the instant you click anywhere on the screen. This is very annoying if you are trying to do a tutorial of some software or procedure.
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    I am on windows and i use the default button on the top row after f11 f12 etc is usually called: ins / prt sc
    i hope this helps
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      I use an extension now on Google Chrome called "Webpage Screenshot" which is free - looked for link to give you but keep getting message that owner has taken it down - hmmmm.. anyway, another good one is Jing and I think they still have a free version.

      Also in Windows Vista, there is a thing called the "snippet tool" which will take a screen shot and you can do a few things with the image after but not as good as Jing, etc.

      Happy hunting
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    SnagIt is a good choice. Not only it captures your screen, but also it can snap window, internet explorer pages, scrollable pages and lots more.
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    If you are using Windows - press Prt Src button and paste the screen shot in any graphics software.

    On Mac - press Control-Shift-3 and paste it.

    If you don't need anything fancy you can use standard OS software like Paint.
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    For screenshots, i apply some extensions from Google Chrome.
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    It depends what OS you are using, if you are using windows, you can use the
    Prt Sc Sys Rq button and paste it in any software which supports calling images and your purpose is solved.
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