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by Thojon
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Hi Warriors,

I am building my first website and I have purchased a domain and hosting from godaddy,

could anybody recommend a good website builder that is free and compatible with godaddyhosting etc

any tips or ebooks would also be greatly appreciated, I've been searching the internet all day for some good software that is newb friendly and haven't had much joy

Many thanks
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    Wordpress is a great CMS you can use. Although it is meant for blogging it can easily be made into a website as well. There are all thousands of themes for wordpress, many of them free. I'm not sure if Godaddy has fantastico in the control panel but if it does, the will allow to install wordpress in seconds. But installing Wordpress with out fantastico is no too hard. Just google wordpress tutorials and you should be fine. Hope this helps.
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    Well, I'm almost positive that GoDaddy has a sitebuilder application available (likely free) through it's hosting plan.

    It also greatly depends on what kind of website you want to build.

    I HIGHLY recommend browsing through the various elements of your webhost CPanel - as well as GoDaddy's knowledgebase of tutorials and hot-to's - as this will provide you with a basic foundation for some of what you will need to learn and know as you progress.

    Have you searched ".... for beginners" as part of your web researching? I can guarantee you that there are dozens upon dozens of resources (many of which are free) for learning basic web design concepts. Some of the most relevant items are HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), perhaps some basic level PHP (depending on what programming language your site will be in).

    You might also look into the "For Dummies" series of books on web design, html, css, etc. (This is not an insinuation that you are a dummy, mind you . . . the books are very helpful for learning new concepts).
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    Thanks for your prompt replies guys,

    I've got several ebooks and i've been looking through the online guide html for dummies, I'm feeling confident on the coding and html part of it.

    Godaddys website builder tool, is apparently meant to be free if I buy a domain and hosting, but just for 1 page (which was all I wanted to start with this anyway) but I think I did something because when I go to set it up with the url I wanted, I get this message 'This domain has already been used with Web Hosting. It cannot be used for WST/InstantPage.'

    I think I'd be alright using cold fusion 1.1.3, I was recommended it by a friend, but I can't figure out how to connect the website&hosting to cold fusion - which must be the simplest of tasks that I'm stupidly overlooking because it doesn't even cover it in their beginners tutorial. Either that or it isn't possible with godaddy, because I've seen some hosting sites that offer specific Cold fusion web hosting for £1

    I downloaded wordpress, haven't tried or looked through it yet I will give it a fiddle to see what's what.

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    Any particular reason you need to host on GoDaddy? There are better hosts out there, and you're less likely to be screwed over.
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      Originally Posted by jaredblake View Post

      Any particular reason you need to host on GoDaddy? There are better hosts out there, and you're less likely to be screwed over.
      To be honest mate, being new with hosting domains & setting up a web server, I haven't got the slightest idea what I'm doing.
      I bought a 3 month hosting plan with godaddy, because I bought the domains there & another hosting company was the same cost to just transfer the domain, I figured 3 months would be long enough for me to test, trial and play around & would also give me free google ad vouchers etc. (like £60s worth, only paid £10 for the hosting)

      I will probably change my host etc, or would even change it now, not to fussed about losing £10, specially not if I get to keep my google ad vouchers lol

      I want to use a desk top builder, but more desperately I just want to get started lol Thanks yobeeone, I will check out My free website builder, at work all day so will post back later & keep you updated
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    I use My Free Website Builder . Coffeecup software also offers a couple free versions of their website builders, as well. Even though GoDaddy has a site builder, I'd still go with a desktop version. For me, it just makes it easier to work on my site if I don't have to be online to do it. Don't forget to use YouTube if you get stuck on how to do something. I've gotten a lot of help from there for site designing. Anyway, good luck! The first is always the hardest - but it's a heck of a lot of fun!
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    Wordpress is the best way to setup a nice website and its free. Wordpress is clean and neat. Good luck!
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    I have to give another vote for wordpress. Because of the amazing amount of plugins and resources you are basically limitless and it is easier to use that pretty much everything else I have used.

    If you do any kind of blogging and want to try the next big thing, PM me.

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    Notepad is the best web developer tool its free!

    As for hosting with Godaddy I only use them for domain registration and mainly because if you look for coupons and wait for deals their as cheap as anyone else plus their management tools are great when managing multiple domains.

    Hosting overall, me personally dislike all the cheap hosting solutions they are not as reliable, not as fast, etc... if I were to use a cheaper solution though I like hostgator amazing customer service.

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    I have quite a few ebooks that you might like for free download at the link in my sig.
    Also for building your first site, checkout Content Website Builder it is the easiest thing around. There is a free trial to try before you buy.
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    Wordpress works really well even with newbies. Check it out and you will not regret.
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    GoDaddy have their own website builder. You can try Wordpress to start off with. Simple and easy.
    But what kind of website do you want to go for?
    Gain Knowledge by Sharing Knowledge
    - Free training on computers through video tutorials, get any questions answered & - Blog to get reference materials, sample codes and much more.
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    The best and easiest option is Wordpress you can install in 3 minutes or less with Fantastico. You can just go into cpanel->click Fantastico and then select Wordpress blog and you will be in business.

    Best pressure-less sales method to get local small business clients to try your services

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    You can check up some stuff on youtube which you can use to create websites with.
    "Things may come to those who wait, but only things left by those who hustle". - Abraham Lincoln
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    You can use some CMS like Drupal and Joomla they can help you to build a website

    Let them eat cake!

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      Buy hosting from hostgator, change nameservers on purchased domain, set up wordpress through fantasico. Install custom theme and plugins of your choice.

      Takes all of 10 minutes from the moment you pay for the hosting. Pretty straight forward.
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        You can also try magento development, drupal development or joomla development for your website. It works good.
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    don't read too many books, use wordpress and see lynda tutorials for wordpress.. that's quick way to learn
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    What kind of the website are going to launch? You gave just basic information. It doesn't important what hosting you use.
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    I created my first website using Dreamweaver. It took me some hard work to learn CSS and HTML but if you are willing to do the hard work then the end results are worth it.
    I have Godaddy and they have a program called Website tonight and you can use that to create your site as well. Hope this helps. Have a great day!
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    Is there a problem with wix flash website builder ?Thanks
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    hi Thojon,
    i would highly recommend that you should get wordpress cms installed in your hosting account for your new website.


    1. download wordpress from its respective website (google it)

    2. upload it to your server via FTP (Use Filezilla it's a FREE FTP Program)

    3. install wordpress in your server.

    4. login to your wordpress admin panel.

    5. install a great wordpress theme.

    6. start posting

    it's as simple as that.

    hope this post of mine will help you to get your new website up and running. enjoy!!
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      Wordpress works great! Try it man.
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    Wordpress is a great place to start!
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    I know everybody is suggesting wordpress and it's great (and so easy) but if you want to do it yourself i use kompozer as a design tool and it works quite well

    most of my site are built on wordpress now but i have a couple of static pages that i maintain for clients using kompozer and i have never had any problems, they also have a portable version if you don't want to install it
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    Wordpress is a great start, but as many have said, its strong suit is blogging. You can manipulate it to create a site with mulitple pages, and if you know a little code, you can do even more. I am a beginner building in Notepad. I want to learn from the ground up, so I am taking a course in basic html, followed by CSS and XHTML. Learn it all and be well-versed.
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      I would tell you the builder is not important. The bigger question is what is the goal of your website? Is it leads, sales, branding...what? A good site builder won't fix a bad website model. But a good website model will work even if you have a bad builder. The other thing I would say is you are better off outsourcing the work. Let someone else do the work. You focus on improving your marketing. Feel free to pm me if you want some ideas on improving your sales process.

      Greg Cesar
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    Wordpress is a great place to start
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    Wordpress is extremely easy to use!
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      Hi, although I agree wordpress is easy to use and modify via plugins, its quite a learning curve and needs a lot of changes to prevent it looking like one of any other wordpess blogs.

      I would recommend you start with Kompozer which is a basic html editor , very easy to use and lots of free tutorials online.

      Also wordpress constantly needs updating, which can cause conflicts with installed plugins. Whatever you use make sure you back up regularly, or better automate backups, as if ypu make a mistake you can always revert to that.
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    If you are new to all this I would recommend checking out XSitePro. It allows you to build websites without having to have any website design skills. There are loads of templates out there that you can use or you can even create your own. The software also has tutorials built in so if you are get stuck you can just follow those!
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      Originally Posted by Carl Peterson View Post

      If you are new to all this I would recommend checking out XSitePro. It allows you to build websites without having to have any website design skills. There are loads of templates out there that you can use or you can even create your own. The software also has tutorials built in so if you are get stuck you can just follow those!
      I echo these comments! Great piece of website design software!
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        Mate ... Go with the flow ... WordPress has all you need.

        ... EXCEPT your all important 'mindset'.

        You sound like you're all over the place at the moment. Choose ONE of these replies & stick to ONE plan. Make up your mind & stick to it!

        The hardest thing about making it in IM - is the multitude of choices about how to reach your goal. Make your decision - Then focus on one thing at a time.

        Easier said than done! Good luck.
        Hi! My name's JOHNO ARDLEY.
        Want some help with your Internet Marketing?
        Message me right here in the Warrior Forum -
        Where You're Never Alone!
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    I also vote to Wordpress . It can be good useful for beginners to build new site ..
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    I think XSitePro is really easy to use, fair enough you have to pay for it but I think that the benefits far outweigh the costs. In choosing your website design software you want something that is going to be easy to use and easy to implement everything you want to include on your site. XSitePro has easy to follow wizards for almost anything you might want to add to your site!
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