Tutorials how to build my own website?

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Hello my friends!

Is there anyone who can recommend me where I can find a site where I can learn how to create my own website.
I am not good in HTML (but maybe I can learn) I want to build my own e-website,I want to add banners, google ads etc.
I really want to have control of my own site and learn the most basic things but I don´t know where to begin.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Happy New Year!
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    Hi John,

    There are lots of good sites out there. Here's a good one to get you started.

    W3Schools Online Web Tutorials


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    Hi Leron!

    Thank you so much, it looks good so far.



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    Your best resource is webmaster forum. Search on google :p
    Don't start from scratch. Try to cut in. Learn CMS, learn Wordpress.

    Google Trends: drupal, joomla, wordpress

    Wish You All Great Success in 2015 :)

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    Here's the one I started with.

    First Website Builder

    (not an affiliate link)


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    There is a pretty wide spectrum of website options. Depending on how close you are to "square one", you might consider starting out with some of the "canned" sites like Squidoo or Hubpages. These will allow you to learn how to structure sections of your page and how to use basic-HTML to insert graphics and links. Next up from that are blog services like blogspot. These give you (maybe) a little more flexibility and don't have the branding that something like Squidoo has.

    You might also want to get yourself a graphics editor and learn the basics of cropping and resizing images. For website display, you'll want to limit them to a resolution of 72dpi (this keeps the image files smaller and allows them to load quicker). After learning to manipulate your graphics, you'll want to learn how to store them either on your own server (which means you'll need a free FTP utility) or how to upload them to photo sites like Flickr or Photobucket.

    The next wrung on the ladder would probably be something like Wordpress. These have the benefit of lots of great-looking preformatted templates that you can modify. You can probably get a tutorial for Wordpress and be up and running with it in a day.

    Finally, creating your own sites. This will require you to learn how to purchase domains and set up hosting services where your web pages will reside. And of course, learning how to develop those pages as well.

    Here's a page that has links to all sorts of free utilities for editing graphics, audio, and webpages: http://www.sixsecondsales.com/resour...-utilities.htm

    Good luck with it. - Russ
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    Thank you everyone for good tips, I heard that Joomla could be something to begin with. I also heard about Trellian Web Editor.
    Any comments of above?




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    I will suggest you to find open source web site template.

    You can get your site up faster if you are beginner. Create and build a website easily and with no programming by picking from a ready-made free web site template. Just enter your text and explore the code.

    First you need html editor (free of course ) you can download Notepad ++

    or you can free download WYSIWYG html editor like Nvu

    These are not affiliate links, no cost, no hidden links!

    After that go to Google search and just type keyword "free css templates" and you will find a lot of free web templates for download.
    "Easily Uncover TONs Of Profitable Long-Tail Keywords With Little To No Competition!!...
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    That is going to be useful to me as well. I just registered a domain name on wordpress for a blog, now I need to do stuff with it, and I have no idea what to do.
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    What did u use and what worked out for you?
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    Hi John
    I really want to have control of my own site and learn the most basic things but I don´t know where to begin.
    I think it is really, really important to know how to control your own website because it makes you independant and gives you the freedom to express your own style.

    My recommendations :
    Start with HTML, then go over to CSS. Once you complete those 2 tutorials, you will be able to create your own, basic website and be able to STYLE it yourself, which is SOOOO important!

    Once you have those basic, fundamental skills, you can move on to more complex applications, ie Joomla or perhaps even a programming language, such as PHP (the backbone of Wordpress).

    I am a new member so can't post links but here is a suggestion for a FABULOUS site that helped me so much when I started out. It teaches newcomers the absolute basics. The author even has a sense of humour and presents the tutorials in a very easy, appealing way.

    Google-TIZAG Tutorials.
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      personally I think it is very important to have full control over your website. This can only be achieved if you build it yourself or really know your stuff. The best place to get really in-depth tutorials is lynda.com. if you google "lynda.com free pass" you can get a 24 hr pass. Other than that it is $25 for a month and definitely worth it. The tutorials are up 13 hours long and they cover everything you could possibly need to know. I use lynda.com and could now build a fully functioning PHP site styled in external stylesheets all in notepad if I wanted to.

      I don't know how much effort you want to put into learning to build websites. If you are at all serious lynda.com is the place with the best information you are going to find.
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        I suggest " htmldog " google it and look around. It is not too long and gives you a good understanding of both [x]html and css. I really can't agree on anyone paying to learn Html/css or even php--lynda's php is pretty dated I think.. Thank God--I think I can post links now
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      Hey, I have sort of the same question. To build a simple website, with multiple pages on different topics within a niche, and use it for Adsense and affiliate marketing, which is better, Wordpress or Joomla? I use Joomla at my job, so I am familiar with it, but I didn't build the website. I just edit it. Should I go with Joomla, or is Wordpress easier/better for a newbie?

      Or should this post be in a different thread? If so, Sorry, just tell me and I will post elsewhere or start my own thread. I am kind of new to forums, too, never spent much time in them!

      I also was looking for recommendations on tutorials for beginners, the ones I have found so far have not been what I need. On a similar note, is there a Glossary somewhere, that defines in newbie language what CSS, RSS, XTML, PHP, etc. etc. are and what they do?

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    Hey John,

    I've been designing websites off and on for 10 years now and here are some great resources that helped me when I first got going.

    (sorry - looks like I can't post links yet, but google the following for some great resources)


    Yale Style Guide

    HTML Goodies

    Mako For CSS

    My first ever site was done in MS Publisher (terrible, i know!) then i moved on to FrontPage and finally settled into Dreamweaver as my editor of choice. A lot of people will tell you you need to learn to hand code and use a text editor, but I say if you have tools available to shorten the learning curve and make your life easier - use them! In my case I learned the visual side of Dreamweaver first and then looked at the code to see what was happening and learned where to make certain edits I wanted to make myself.

    Recently though, I've been using Wordpress almost exclusively for the sites I've developed as it's soooo easy to quickly get a website online and then I play around with the images and css to tweak it to my liking. There are hundreds of free professional looking templates out there, and excellent ones for purchase for under $100 each.

    I've also used Joomla off and on throughout the years and while it's a great system with many more features than something like wordpress, but it also takes longer to get your head around how things work, and I couldn't even begin to tell you how to design or modify a template in Joomla.

    My advice to anyone new just starting out would be to signup with a host that offers a number of easy to install apps like Wordpress - or find one that offers a built in WYSIWYG sitebuilder so you can easily create and edit your own sites.

    If getting into the code is something you really want to learn then by all means go for it - but if you'd rather not get your hands that dirty - there are plenty of good options out there.

    HTH some!

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      So you recommend Wordpress over Joomla? As I stated above, I work with Joomla on a regular basis at my job. I have never built a website or even worked on one until I was handed the "webmaster" title at my employer, and I had a little training but a lot of stuff I have stumbled around and figured out myself. The templates were already set up when I took over administration of my employer's website. I can add categories and products, and create static content and all that, but I don't have a handle on how it all fits together. I wouldn't have a clue on how to set up a template in Joomla either.

      It sounds like Wordpress is easy for a newbie to learn?

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      Lots of good advice here. You might want to look at the course offered free in my sig.


      * * * * My site * * * *
      * * * * My paintings * * * *

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    You can get the list of html editors at wikipedia, free and commercial.
    Here it is Comparison of HTML editors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    best site i recommend is www.website.com
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    I've got several offerings that can help you. See my Sig for details.
    WordPress Security Clampdown – was just for the War Room, now available to all Warriors. Protect your WordPress site from hackers. No opt-in required.
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    you can try google too. ;-)
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    if you are interested in running a dating site , i can set up one for you at no cost.
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    Start with a free blog at Google Blogspot or Wordpress.com. Then you can see if you want to continue doing it or not.

    Instant Site Machine - make hundreds of sites in minutes each
    Create Niche Site in 2 Mins - Create massive content site using PLR articles in minutes
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    Originally Posted by target52 View Post

    Hello my friends!

    Is there anyone who can recommend me where I can find a site where I can learn how to create my own website.
    I am not good in HTML (but maybe I can learn) I want to build my own e-website,I want to add banners, google ads etc.
    I really want to have control of my own site and learn the most basic things but I don´t know where to begin.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Happy New Year!
    Hey John

    I have a post all about setting up your own website and making money from it. Here it is mate.

    How to put up a web site and make thousands

    Easy Tech Videos.com | Your Questions Answered.

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    Hi John...

    I recommend that you read NETTUTS, they cover HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS's, PHP and Ruby on Rails.
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    Am glad i read this post,i needed all this information myself.Why am i not allowed to post a question and how can i resolve it.someone please tell me.
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    You might also want to try something like weebly.com. They let you create a free website and you do not need to know any programming to do it.
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